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"Hi I'm Kassie, I'm 25 and I'm from LAAANDAN"

This whole introducing myself seems a little outdated - I feel like I used to write this section with the most stuffy introduction with things that, in all honesty, no one cares about. But here you are, wondering who I am for some reason...

So, I am London-based millennial with a penchant for bad jokes, active wear and self-deprecation. I've also developed an unintentional habit of saying too many millennial things...much to the dismay of those around me when I frequently mention that I cannot live without my £4 oat milk flat white, or referring to anywhere without a strong wifi connection as rustic. But I am what I am.

I started this little corner on the internet years ago - evolving from fashion to purely London to a mix of everything. In all honesty, I started it as a place to put my ideas on a postcard and just chat about clothes and celebrities...oddly things I never talk about now.

Now it's a mix of everything; the lifestyle posts to the fact I am - 99% of the time - a total mess with absolutely no idea how I have navigated myself through London for the last 5+ years. And part of that journey is accepting this fact, and embracing it.

So - welcome to my London Lifestyle Blog, OurLDNLife.

Over & Out,


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