A Guide to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam is without a doubt my favourite European city; blending everything I love about London (the busy streets, the food scene, the bars) alongside with my home town of Tunbridge Wells (the massive open spaces, friendly people) into one fantastic, watery (and wet!) city. 

Whilst it may well be known amongst a few for the wrong reasons, there’s so much more to this city than a one canal. The beautiful streets, surrounded by water, make you feel just happy at every turn and the general vibe in the city allows you to feel at home almost instantly. 

I’ve been a supporter of London’s food scene for quite some time, and I have to admit that Amsterdam truly rivals it with a fantastic selection of restaurants, bistros, bars and brunch spots. I’ve been a few times now and it felt like the perfect time to start (and continue to update) my Amsterdam guide.  


In Amsterdam, accommodation can be expensive. It has a range of incredible hotels, and of course the next-level hotels (I’m looking at you, Pulitzer). I’ve stayed in mainly great hotels, always being impressed with either the location, hospitality or - well - just in general. 

Here are three hotels I’d recommend:

Hotel Seven One Seven

Prinsengracht 717, 1017 JW Amsterdam

Prices start at £200+ |  https://www.717hotel.nl/ 

This is the most beautiful hotel I’ve stayed in during my time in Amsterdam. The hotel is a former canal house, and instead of ridding itself of the features it’s kept everything really homely, with a beautiful dining area and front room. It’s conveniently located on Prinsengracht - a short walk from Joordan, RijksMuseum, De Pijp and many more of the key attractions. 

Kimpton De Witt

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam

Prices start at £150+ |  https://www.kimptondewitthotel.com/us/en/ 

Kimpton De Witt was my first Amsterdam hotel - and it remains a firm favourite. The hotel is located very central if you want to hit up the tourist parts of the city as well as being just a 10 minute walk from Joordan. 

Sir Albert Hotel 

Albert Cuypstraat 2-6, 1072 CT Amsterdam

Prices start at £175+ |  https://www.sirhotels.com/en/albert/ 

Located in De Pijp, my favourite neighbourhood I’ve spent time in, Sir Albert is perfect for exploring the less touristy parts of town (though, you are located super close to the RijksMuseum). It’s not to say it’s totally out of the way, you have the Albert Cuyp market on the same road which sells a range of cooked food, fresh produce, clothes, jewelry...you name it, it probably has it! 

Rjiks restaurant
Rjiks Restaurant 

Tasting menus in Amsterdam:

Tasting menus are a real passion of mine - my love for good food is impalpable and I love tasting new flavours, with ingredients I’d never personally pick out. I’ve only, at the moment of writing this, done 4 in Amsterdam but I’ve earmarked several more for my next visit!  

Restaurant De Kas

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam


Picked in the morning, served in the afternoon. Restaurant De Kas is truly an experience; located in Frankendael park, it’s a beautiful large greenhouse where a lot of their produce is grown on-site, or at their farm, with 80% of what they serve being grown by them. Think fresh flavours, beautiful presentation and a hearty meal. 


Museumstraat 2, 1071 XX Amsterdam


Led by Joris Bijdendijk, the food has a firm focus on Dutch produced food and “often make use of the many international flavours that have influenced Dutch cuisine across the centuries.” Think excellent service, fantastic flavours which take your breath away and, of course, incredible wine pairings.


Lindengracht 90, 1015 KK Amsterdam


Daalder's fantastic kitchen team is headed by patron-cuisinier, Dennis Huwaë. The beautiful food plays with flavours and provides a truly delightful culinary flavour - and the perfectly paired wine adds to the general wow. Go for the innovative menu! Think innovative food with complex flavours, brilliantly paired wine and a casual setting. 

Restaurant Senses by Lars Bertelsen

Vijzelstraat 45, 1017 HE Amsterdam


Senses is, well, truly perfect for all of your senses. The food is creative, fun, delicious and truly artwork. Each dish is eloquent and packs a punch in terms of flavour. Senses is led by creative chef Lars Bertelsen and is truly wonderful. Think experience dining, which doesn’t lack in flavour, in an intimate and centrally located setting. 

Cafe Caron

Mid-range restaurants: 

If you’re looking for great food at mid-range prices in Amsterdam, then the below is a great place to start to satisfy those needs! 

Bar Pif

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 10A, 1015 RZ Amsterdam


This place is awesome (part of the triple threat along with Rebel Wines & Alex + Pinard) serving great, fresh food in a funky, cool setting with a fabulous wine list! 

Cafe Caron

Frans Halsstraat 28, 1072 BS Amsterdam


Café Caron is the family restaurant of Alain Caron and his sons David and Tom. A place that has a firm focus on French cooking, with a beautiful relaxed setting and an in-depth handwritten wine list. 

Cannibal Royale

Casual dining restaurants in Amsterdam: 

For the evenings that you just want to eat a juicy burger, crunch down on some Bitterballen (yum!) or a meat feast, these are some great places.

Cannibal Royale 


3 locations across the city 

A meat lovers dream. Head here for ribs, steaks, barbecue and smoked meats - and beer! 

The Butcher 


3 locations across the city

Burgers galore! Chow down on a delicious, juicy burger at The Butcher! 

La Perla Pizzaria 

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 53, 1015 RZ Amsterdam


Delicious, freshly made pizza in a cute and bustling setting.

Cafe Flinck

Eerste van der Helststraat 51, 1073 AD Amsterdam


Get your bitterballen hit at Cafe Flinck, and watch the world go by as it’s located in the perfect people watching spot! 


Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17, 1015 NR Amsterdam


Tasty Spanish tapas food - with a great sangria and at SUPER reasonable prices.

Pancakes Amsterdam

Brunch places in Amsterdam: 

Start your day right with these fantastic places for breakfast - or brunch - or lunch. They’re low-key, fun and, of course, delicious: 

Coffee & Coconuts 

Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK Amsterdam



Ferdinand Bolstraat 151, 1072 LH Amsterdam


Moak Pancakes 

Jodenbreestraat 144, 1011 NS Amsterdam


Pancakes Amsterdam 

Prinsengracht 277, 1016 GW Amsterdam


Alex + Pinard

Bars in Amsterdam: 

Amsterdam is littered with fantastic watering holes around the city, with a mix of cool bars, wine bars and cute pubs (Brown Cafes) all around:

  • Glou Glou Wine Bar - Tweede van der Helststraat 3, 1073 AE Amsterdam, 

  • Cafe Gollem - Daniël Stalpertstraat 74, 1072 XK Amsterdam

  • Alex + Pinard - Dapperstraat 10, 1093 BT Amsterdam

  • P96 - Prinsengracht 96, 1015 DZ Amsterdam

  • Cafe T’Smalle - Egelantiersgracht 12, 1015 RL Amsterdam

  • Cafe Flamingo - Eerste van der Helststraat 37, 1073 AC Amsterdam

  • Cafe Mazzaltof - Ferdinand Bolstraat 40, 1072 VW Amsterdam

Things to do and see in Amsterdam:

Now I could write for years on this part, Amsterdam really is full to the brim of fun things to do and it lends itself perfectly to people who want to explore as much as they can, but also to those who enjoy just a wander around the beautiful canals and cobbled streets. 

Rebel Wines


Albert Crypt market


  • Cheese and wine tasting at Reypenaer Proeflokaal - http://www.reypenaercheese.com/ // Singel 182, 1015 AJ Amsterdam

  • Eat the fresh stroopwafels at Albert Crypt Market - Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam

  • Grab at Ice Cream at Monte Pelmo - https://montepelmo.nl/ // Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17, 1015 NS Amsterdam

Ice skating at Rjiks Museum

Do and explore: 

Amsterdam at New Years
Amsterdam NYE celebrations 
Amsterdam canals at night
Amsterdam canals at night


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