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It’s my second year celebrating House of Holi at Cinnamon Kitchen - and it’s officially not my last. Don’t ask me why - but whenever I think of this evening, I always put it with Lizzo’s good as hell. Possibly because I totally think the lyrics are “I throw my hands up” instead of “I do my hair toss” but...potato potato. 


House of Holi is Cinnamon Kitchen’s iconic power-paint throwing pop-up that is held near Liverpool Street. The event is arguably one of London’s funnest events, with it almost feeling like you fall back to your child-like state as you throw paint around with no care in the world.

Vivek Singh, owner of Cinnamon Kitchen, speaks of the celebration of Holi in such a passionate way. Holi is a festival of friendship, love, forgiveness - nothing in anger. And the bright colours throw around all evening do nothing but solidify his thoughts. It truly is one of the happiest celebrations in London.

It’s here again, for the 6th time, from 4th-15th March, and you can play with friends or strangers alike. As I said this was my second time doing this - and I can confirm getting yourself home via public transport is no less hilarious than it was last year.

To make the event even more epic this year, Franklin & Sons, award-winning premium soft drinks, soda’s, tonics and mixers, will be popping up on the terrace throughout the festival. As one of my favourite drinks brands, and the brand that kept me  going whilst I dabbled with being Teetotal, it’s the perfect combination.

Combined with Franklin & Sons, you can of course eat in Cinnamon Kitchen, which provides fantastic Indian food with a British twist.

And in addition to having a blast, and totally covering yourself in every colour possible,  this year Cinnamon Kitchen are giving back; create your own colourful artwork on canvas in the paint pod, from £5. All proceeds from the paintings and £1 from every Holi menu will be donated to Find Your Feet, helping families in Africa and Asia build a life free from hunger.

My only advice? Don’t wear expensive light green suede shoes like I did last year. They will get totally ruined. 


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