Hangover Friendly Date Spots in London


The Most Hangover Friendly Date Spots in London

We've all been there; it's a Sunday, you've hit it a little too hard on the Saturday, the world feels like it's ending, your bank account is on the brink of overdraft (or brink of using the remains of your already large overdraft) and you're just about ready to call it a day and succumb to the grim reaper. I wish I could honestly say this feeling was foreign to me - but you know I’ve been in London three years and it’s become a, disturbingly, familiar feeling, and I am sadly realising that hangovers only get worse.

But low and behold, in your less painful sober state you made somewhat naive plans to go on a date with someone. What once seemed like a glorious idea, now appears to be a treacherous decision to date on a hangover. 

Your liver is on its last legs, you quite literally cannot stomach another drink but your date looks like a, slightly, less attractive version of Ryan Gosling and it’d be rude to cancel.  

I've been in that woeful state too many times in my very short existence; and I hate cancelling. So I have powered through and found the most hangover friendly date spots.

Everyman Cinema 

Particularly good for those of you, who are dumb like me, who plan dates on SEVERE hangover days. 

Now I won’t lie; up until recently I hadn’t been on a cinema date in about 6 years because I couldn’t disassociate the cinema with a 16-year old date spot with a little peck here and there, with the guy suggesting the back row and me sheepishly opting for the best seats because at the age of 16 the only thing beginning with D on my mind was dogs...not much has changed actually.

Think lounging around, lots of carb heavy food and a film - without the Netflix and chill conversation. Though to be honest, hungover that's what we all want right? 

Needless to say, if you’re feeling woeful this is the best option for the low-key date spot as it really does require little, if not no, effort from either sides.

Whilst drinking here is an option, it's such a chilled out location with great food and a fantastic vibe you'd be silly not to consider it for a date. 

The quest for the best roast 

This only applies to Sunday hangovers - but, honestly, what better way to cure a roast? 

The best part? For this Sunday, and this Sunday only, you won’t have the disapproving family comments and instead will be faced with a delightful roast.  A couple of favourites of mine would be Pig & Butcher in Islington or The Grange in Bermondsey. 

The best of the brunch 

I've done a brunch round-up previously, but it’s undoubtedly the best way to get your morning off to a great start if you have opted for a daytime date. Whilst, if you’re like me, stomaching food on a white wine hangover before 4pm is something of a mystery this may not be for you.

But if you wake up, ravenous for carbs, then the best of the British brunch is a great option. London has brunch spots in abundance; some of my favourites in South West London can be found HERE but places such as The Table in Southwark, Joes in Borough are well worth a visit.


Markets in London make a great date any time, whether hungover or not, because combining food and drinks from different cultures is somewhat heroic…well for me, but perhaps I am bias.

Think the South African burgers on Maltby Street, various brownies from Borough Market, buttermilk chicken burgers from Broadway Market. The possibilities really are endless - and if you’re like me, so is your stomach.

And, if you’re feeling cute, why not hit up Columbia Flower Market. One of the most beautiful markets with fantastic flowers and plenty of places to go afterwards. 

Leicester Square Theatre 

This could be a hungover or normal date spot - or with friends - and I’ll do a proper write up because it’s one of the best evenings I’ve had in a while. Whilst I didn’t go on a date, this theatre has such an array of alternative productions.

I saw ‘Murder She Didn’t Write’ and honestly, I have not laughed that much for such a long time. 

Tickets can be found here

Garden Centres…no I’m being serious

Right so before you judge me - hear me out. I recently went on a date to a garden centre, and at first I found it hilarious and somewhat a bit of a joke, but actually it was, weirdly, one of the funnest, alcohol free dates I have had in my somewhat questionable dating life. 

I guess you need a purpose - but honestly as far as carefree dates go, it’s surprisingly suitable. Though, please note, you will be the youngest person there by about 40 years if you’re reading this and under the age of 30 and the right company for this really is paramount. 

My best advice to handling the date whilst hungover would be:
  • Cancel it...

I'm kidding, but seriously please don't throw up on them. 


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