LeBab, Soho


Kebabs - I mean is it just me or do you associate them with the greasy cuisine, if you can call it that, that you stuff your face with in the early hours of a Sunday morning after a heavy drinking session at the Clapham North, or Infernos, or whatever watering hole you choose. 

I sure as hell did - until I ventured to LeBab.

LeBab is located in Kingly Court, moments from many bars if you do want to recreate the above, and provides the classiest take on kebabs I've ever seen.

The interiors are instagram friendly, the location perfect, the staff good-looking and the menu delicious. 

We dined on a Wednesday, and in true Wine Wednesday style opted for a "sensible" option of a bottle due to my impending job the next day. We went for the Sauvignon Blanc "Attitude" 2014, on the recommendation of the waiter. Truthfully - when it comes to wine I don't know a thing and my knowledge is really basic. I know what I enjoy (read: any) but I couldn't tell you what pairs well with a kebab given my knowledge stretches only so far.

However - wine wise - what I will say is that we enjoyed it. My friend, a skilled-wine-drinker, didn't struggle to drink it so we'll give it a pass at least.

But - now to the important part - the food.

More often than not, the moment I see 'Mezze' on a menu my heart skips a beat. My favourite kind of food, the food which thrills me to no end - and this was no exception. 

We opted for the hummus (because why would you not?) and the LeBab Bhajis. 

Believe it or not - I actually didn't know hummus was chickpeas until recently. Please don't ask me how I've managed living on my own for over four years, because I simply haven't got a clue.

But - my god - dat hummus, mm. I can 100% get on board with a hummus and this one was truly fantastic. Now I'm aware there is only so much I can say about hummus so I'll stop here.

Moving onto the Bhajis - not my usual style but stuff them with braised lamb shoulder, beef shin and onion bhajis with smoked chilli mayo then you've 100% got me on board. These were linked with being my highlight of the meal.

So now we go to the life changing revelation that; kebabs can be classy. 

I opted for the corn-fed chicken shish - trying to remember the last time I'd said those words and not aimed them at an unsuspecting taxi driver -  and eagerly anticipated my epiphany.

And what an epiphany it was.

Firstly, let's assess the instagram potential here:

I mean - bloggers dream right?

I can confirm there was not a plastic box in sight. 

The meat was succulent, juicy and - god I hate this word - moist. But truthfully it was! The additional trimmings are what takes the meat from standard to brilliant - giving something that traditionally gets covered in sauce a fantastic reason not to be. 

And because you all know I love a good 'cheap eat', you'll be glad to know this is exceptionally reasonable. Book in advance, if you can, for sure but if you're looking for somewhere chilled to enjoy some food, catch-up with friends then this is the place for you.

My view on kebabs has been changed forever - or until next weekend.


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