Is moving to London for you?


Given the name of our blog, it'll come as no surprise that we're advocates for the London lifestyle. Whilst we've both been here long enough to resist calling it 'The Big Smoke' and we're getting to the point where we can navigate our way around London without relentlessly using Citymapper, we know how big a decision it is to move here.

For many, you'll be moving from the comfort of your family home perhaps up North or a home county, and to be honest nothing quite beats home and nothing quite compares to London. 

But - why should you make the move?

The food...

London had me at "you don't have to use Southern rail", but kept me when I realised quite how incredible the London food scene really is. I've eaten at some of the best places in London and they're not always the swanky ones which wow you. 

There really is an unlimited choice of food in the capital, and it won't break the bank either...I mean Flat Iron sells steaks for £10 and they're actually pretty damn good.

You'll constantly have FOMO...

There is always something going on, always a reason to go out and you will always have fun. You quite literally couldn't get bored even if you tried your hardest. Whether it's a naked dining experience, heading to a bar on a Monday and getting steamed (which I totally did last night) or going to an exhibition. You truly will never get bored.

You will meet the best people in the world 

I will tell you now that you will meet the most incredible, weird, wacky and fun people in London...and everyone is so accepting. Londoner's are notorious for being grumpy - but having been to Paris and New York, we're like puppies in comparison.

And, if you do find someone who is exceptionally grumpy, hand them a drink and you'll see a change in personality because the one thing Londoner's love more than moaning about the tube is alcohol.

The jobs...

Without being a fun sponge...I guess this is why most people choose to move and understandably. There are so many opportunities in London to excel - and the best part? You don't need that degree they tell you you need (read: A Degree Does Not Define You) and neither of us have degrees and we're doing just fine. 

Explore, explore, explore...

London really is breathtaking and there's no better way to explore it than just walking around. Whether it's taking yourself on a walking tour of the Thames, or heading to Primrose Hill or just walking around the area you live in. There is so much to see in London you truly will never be bored for longer than 10 minutes. 

The boozing culture...

London is one of the few places in the world that it's completely acceptable to drink any day of the week - which is completely okay by us.

Last but not least...the London skyline

Every time I've ever doubted my decision to live in London, it takes one look at the skyline to remember why I pay nearly £700 for a box room or why I actively buy £5 pints...and it all just seems worth it.


  1. London is my absolute goal! Hope I can make it soon :)

    xx Lisa |


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