Hangover Be Gone


In the summer more than ever, we're prone to having one too many glasses of wine or that extra shot we know we shouldn't be doing, but regardless succumb to the chants from our friends. If you're not spending at least a day hungover a week then are you really doing London right?

We're kidding, of course you don't have to drink to find London fun. But when you're hungover it's easy to think it's the worst place in the world when really it's, believe us, the best. And we've been there more than we'd like to admit, forgetting how much there is to do despite being hungover and instead scoffing Meat n' Shake on the sofa. 

But don't worry - we've got some ideas to help guide you through that hangover from hell...

The obvious option for any Londoner, and something we've expressed we're exceptionally passionate about previously. When hungover is there anything better than bacon, coffee and avo being presented in front of you? We think not. Find out our favourite brunch spots HERE

And if you're feeling brave, Bottomless Brunch
There is nothing quite like hair of the dog. Some people can, some people can't - there really is no telling. But if you can then you're in luck because there are so many different bottomless brunches across the City - and they're reasonably priced in most cases. We recently headed to Tootoomoo Bottomless Brunch and LOVED it.

Go and get some fresh air with London's sights
Get out, get yourself moving and before you know it you'll forget you're even hungover. We promise - 75% of the time it works.

Failing that - seek sugar 
Find some sugar. Whether it's trying a Freakshake from Molly Bakes in Hackney, or Dum Dum doughnuts from Shoreditch. If you're feeling exceptionally adventurous - head to either Maltby Market or Broadway Market for an array of sugary treats. 

Cold water...
Anyone else get MAJOR cravings for being in cold water? No - just me? Head to one of the many Lidos in London if you want to get your swim on...obviously weather permitting. 


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