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We're a generation of serial daters. It really is a numbers game in London and the problem is thinking of unique places to go with the potential love of your life. For us? We always want to look clued up and as if I hang around in these cool places on the regular, which L-O-L I don't because we're not all made of money, and neither are most Londoners. 

Given it's a numbers game and if you're truly searching for 'the one', you will more thank likely be looking at having to go on a lot of dates. For both females and males, this means it's going to get pricey because buying a round in Central London is nothing like buying a round up north. 

But - dates don't always have to be copious amounts of drinks. Whilst it's sometimes the easier option to break the ice, there are some inexpensive ways to do something a little differently. 

The Tate Museum 
If you're looking to show off your cultural side and wow the potential 'love of your life' with how totally in touch with yourself you are - then the Tate Museum is your go-to place. All jokes aside - it really is one of the coolest places in London to head and shows there's more to you than just going out for drinks...not that'd we'd be complaining about that.

Museum Lates 
The Natural History Museum hosts Museum Lates on the last Friday of every month. Perfect timing being a Friday, even better that it's free and the drinks inside really aren't that expensive. And if it goes well, then you've got several bars and restaurants moments away in South Kensington. 

POP Brixton
If you're looking for something low-key, where you can either just drink or snack on the various different pop-ups here then this is your place. Located close to the station and open until late, POP Brixton is one of our favourite places to go. Whether it's a date, or even with friends, it's sure to tick the boxes for an inexpensive, chilled date.

Much like the above, but east of the river for those of you who don't fancying trekking it South West. Last summer, they did these incredible BBQ ribs which were quite possibly the highlight of my summer. 

Picnic in the Park 
Luckily for us, we're now getting into the summery weather where having a picnic on one of the various commons isn't completely out of the question. And what screams romance more than chilled wine, in the sun, on a park...marry.me.now.

Richmond Park
Quite possibly one of the most romantic parks in London - no? Whilst some of us (me) cannot get the video of "JESUS CHRIST FENTON" out of our heads, others will no doubt get lost in the place that's in London, but feels much further away. 

Four Thieves 
If you are going for drinks - then don't make it boring. As easy as it is to go to your local where you feel comfortable - we're all guilty of it - it's nice to get out and about without completely breaking the bank. Four Thieves in Clapham Junction is an arcade themed bar - and it's really not expensive. 

Failing that - take them to meet your parents...
It'll definitely be free that way, and what could possibly go wrong?


  1. Great to see a lifestyle blog that acknowledges that not everyone is Queenie Megabucks.


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