Mindful Chef Supper Club


As a food blogger I often find myself torn between wanting to eat healthier food and smash the early morning work-out whilst also attending events where alcohol flows, heavy food is there for consumption and the late finishes prevent the early morning starts. 

It's a battle which never ends - a cycle which never stops. 

Unless, of course, you attend a supper club hosted by Mindful Chef. Mindful Chef is the bi-product of two chaps who understand that eating healthy doesn't have to mean cutting out everything you love, it doesn't mean you have to say no to your favourite foods nor following a sugar-free, salt-free, fat-free, fun-free diet 6 days of the week whilst binge eating all of the aforementioned "bad" foods come Sunday.

Believe it or not - it's okay to eat. 

This particular supper club was hosted at Farm Girl, in Notting Hill, which is best known for the 50-people deep queues for brunch on Saturday followed by the 1,000 instagram posts - and you know, I totally get why people instagram this place. 

I'm actually hosting my first supper club/dinner party in the coming weeks and I've taken serious inspiration when it comes to the excellent decor at the Mindful Chef one. The tables were lit with fairy lights, candles and Mason jars with floating lights - going hand in hand with the theme of natural food.

Though - as a Google Analyics lover I know you're not here to read about the decor and rather food. Four courses of food prepared from ingredients available in the Mindful Chef boxes - with slight alterations - which are available to buy here

We started with Vietnamese pho with crispy tofu & a courgetti nest. Now I won't lie - I'm not a tofu gal, but I can appreciate good food. The flavour really was fantastic; it's the kind of food that is perfect for when you're craving the homely lasagna, but don't want that groggy gluten induced coma that often comes with. Whilst it was yet to convince me to love tofu, I would eat this with a meat or vegetable substitute with ease. 

After this we quickly moved onto the Pan-fried monkfish with rainbow of beetroot and herb oil. Monkfish is something I personally love to order in a restaurant, however I'm unlikely to attempt to cook at home. Mindful Chef simplify this process of wanting delicious, restaurant quality food but enjoying it in your humble abode. What's not to love?

For the last savoury, but definitely by no means least favourite, was the hanger steak with pumpkin puree, baby chard and jus. I feel as if we've been conditioned to believe that red meat is the devil, and in large portions perhaps it is, however reducing it to a completely acceptable size alongside some delicious companions (I am totally down for the pumpkin puree) it's totally okay to enjoy red meat, and red wine. Moderation is key.

Finally we finished with gluten free, dairy free - but as aforementioned this didn't mean it was flavour free - cakes. They were amazing.

After spending the evening with Mindful Chef, seeing what they have to offer and how adaptable their product is I remembered quite how much I enjoy eating healthier, not binge eating around a busy schedule and stuffing my face with sugar. For the first time in months I actually looked forward to cooking, and believe it or not I've managed to stick to making time for fresh food, healthier food and focusing on quality rather than how quickly you can make it. 

With life in London being 100mph every day it's easy to go for the easy microwave pasta option, or a takeaway, but it's also easy to remember how bad it is for you. Mindful Chef have simplified the process of a busy London life alongside a nutritious one too. 

Now I'm not pushing a product because the two co-founders are really good looking, but because it's truly great - and if the Beckhams love it then so do I.

Check out Mindful Chef online here > mindfulchef.com

But also note - they're bringing out a book full of delicious recipes which, again, are time & stomach friendly. I simply cannot wait. 


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