The 90s Brunch


You'll struggle to find someone who doesn't love reminiscing about the 90s. Undoubtedly one of the best eras, producing heroes such as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, alongside more critically acclaimed sound hounds such as Nirvana and Oasis. It provided us with some of the best memories, ones which you want to relive.

So it seems fairly apt that someone has combined Londoners best loved things; the 90s and brunch. Yes - The 90s Brunch is an actual thing. 

I have to admit - when first invited I was a little sceptical as to who would actually attend and pay for a 90s brunch. Would it be something that people like the idea of, yet don't actually do?

Well - I was wrong. Judging by the fact that we arrived early and there was already a queue forming outside of Fu Manchu I figured this must be a popular affair. The perfect place for parties or celebrating as there were several groups making up the vast majority of all of us there.

With every event - from 12pm-1pm the cocktails are bottomless, and of course if you do it in true Kassie style they are lethal. In the beginning the vibe resembles the first stage of a school disco; a little awkward, people kind of running around and the DJ trying to coax everyone out of their shell. But it didn't take long for this phase to pass.

Alongside the cocktails, included in the price is a three course brunch. As it's a Chinese venue the brunch wasn't your typical eggs and avo, but spring rolls followed by a chicken curry finished with a lychee doughnut. I'm almost certain that this most likely changes, but even if it doesn't the food was fantastic.

After eating and drinking, the dance floor begins to fill up whilst the DJ blares out the bangers...I'm talking Ricky Martin, Britney, Spice Girls and, of course, the Cha Cha Slide. It's easy to forget that you're not in a nightclub at 11pm, but rather in Clapham at 2pm. Either way - you will no doubt have a fantastic time.

Throughout the experience you'll be entertained by Lip Syncing battles or a hula-hooper alongside a sassy DJ and your own personal dance offs. I mean my legs are still aching a few days after from all of the dancing I did...I got down. 

Whilst we didn't last the entire 5 hours, we lasted until 3.30 before having to go home. I won't lie - I had to be put to bed by my housemate at 5.30 in the afternoon because I was well and truly steamed. 

The 90s Brunch is the perfect place for reminiscing on the 90s, having a laugh and spending time with friends - though making everyone involved wishing they could actually go back to the 90s.

If only we could make house prices go back to what they were in the 90s too...amiright or amiright

Tickets are £35 each, in advance, or £40 last minute inclusive of all food, entertainment and the first hour of drinks. It's incredibly good value for money and we're already planning our trip back.


  1. Back to 90s! I expected a bit more expensive, but I see that it is not bad.


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