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It's rare you'll find me further up the Northern Line than Old Street and that's because I work there. I'm a South West London girl through and through, I've said it before yet after eating at Chicken Society I'm not sure I'll ever say it again.

Yes - that's right. I've officially gone further than Kentish Town...I ventured to one of the leafiest parts of London, Finchley Central. Located moments from the tube is Chicken Society; a restaurant faming itself on providing a brilliantly simple menu just done exceptionally well. 

We visited on a Tuesday; I expected it to be fairly quiet given it's not too central, 'Dry January' and well it's, er, a Tuesday.  I was wrong. As we walked in we're immediately aware that it doesn't matter what day of the week it is; people clearly want to eat, or drink, at Chicken Society.

We're quickly seated in a booth surrounded by a mixture of couples, friends and colleagues just enjoying themselves. The guy who was serving us was super lovely; greeting us with a magic trick and recommendation. Whilst I understood why he recommended the delicious chicken wings with the sweet & smokey sauce - I still do not understand how he did the magic trick.

The sweet and smokey wings weren't typical wings; they were similar to southern fried wings covered in a delicious sauce. It was so moreish, and I quite literally wanted to just order more. The sauce had me excited/savouring every bit I could to dip my main in.

With the menu so simple you're to choose between chicken or duck as your main. So for the indecisive, it's perfect. If you're with a friend who you can share with then this is perfect; Steph & I were more than happy to share the chicken and the duck. Between two it's recommended you order a quarter of a duck and half a chicken, alongside a side each. The duck is larger so if you're not a huge eater then this will be more than enough.

The serving time is worth noting; we didn't wait longer than 15 minutes each time. Within 15 minutes of ordering our mains, all of the food was there. The portions are huge and perfect for two people; we had plenty. 

Out of the two the duck was my favourite; I love spit-roasted meat so much anyway and it just added to the brilliant natural flavour of the duck. That's not to say that the chicken was anything shy of brilliant - I could happily eat either option and just enjoy it.

Alongside the duck and chicken we had ordered spiralised fried courgetti and standard chips. The spiralised courgetti was INSANE, I mean I wouldn't go as far as saying it was my standout of the meal but it was pretty close to being neck in neck with the duck. The only downside? We didn't order two of these. 

Throughout the experience we continued to enjoy various magic tricks, and we weren't the only ones enjoying ourselves. The restaurant was packed; I mean like there were no tables left. The atmosphere was great too - if I hadn't of had a hospital appointment the following morning then I'd have convinced myself it was a Friday.

But back to the food...Not one to turn down pudding, despite being exceptionally full, we opted for a chocolate brownie to share with two scoops. It's very hard to get a brownie wrong and seeing as the menu again remains very simplified; you can have the brownie, or not. 

Guilty of being unable to say no to a cocktail, because everyone in London drinks every-single-day so I simply must follow the crowd, we opted for an Elderflower Rickley. A mix of vodka, elderflower, lime and cucumber - also known as the most refreshing thing I've ever sipped. 

The best part? The above all came to under £50, not including service charge. It's ridiculously inexpensive and would make the perfect place for a catch-up with friends or even a larger group meal.

It's Mother-Clucking Amazing*

*Pun taken from Chicken Society's instagram  

363 Regents Park Road, 
London, N3 1DH

020 8349 1453


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