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They say you leave the best things to last, and this year that's exactly what I've done when it comes to restaurants. Whilst I wanted to shout from the rooftops about The Frog when I visited early December, not only did my lack of time but also the fact I wanted my final post of 2016 to be the best.

The Frog, located in Shoreditch, is a restaurant I'd had on my radar for a long time. Opened by Adam Handling back in the Summer, it has a host of fantastic reviews from the elite of the 'foodie' scene. Whilst there was a hilarious incident on Tripadvisor, which personally I thought was hilarious, there has been nothing but fantastic responses to Handling's first restaurant.

The menu isn't overly showy; it's a hand-crafted spectacular of brilliant flavours. Whilst I was at The Frog for an event with Parmigiano - we still got The Frog experience. However to be sure - I'm planning on doing the tasting menu in the new year.

It's a little off the beaten track, and at first glance you might not see The Frog. Located within a car park just down from the vibrant Brick Lane. However inside you're first greeted by a warming garden-like area; lightly lit, a warming but unapologetically Shoreditch environment. Graffiti on the walls, frog ornaments. It's the kind of place you'd feel more than comfortable heading to in a pair or in a huge group.

Initially greeted with plates of delicious parma ham, plates of parmesan and prosecco...this isn't what you'd get visiting and purely down to the event. But it truly was marvellous; a pre-pre-pre-Christmas treat. I can, hands on my heart say, I've never consumed so much parmesan in my entire life and I eat it daily.

After my heaven-inducing greeting, we were seated and, naturally, went to the front where you're able to see the exceptionally talented chefs work their magic with flavours you wouldn't know what to do with. Dining at The Frog isn't just a 'dinner out', it really is an experience. 

We started with a Cheese & Truffle Doughnut - with 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano - alongside a glass of 'Paper Road' (Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2014). The doughnuts are the perfect starter to share; despite wanting to eat more than one, they're pretty heavy and you simply must save room for the rest.

The taste of the parmesan was fantastic; combined with the delicious, funky truffle. The doughnuts are served with the filling literally spilling out...the presentation would be hard to beat if it wasn't for the truly tantalising flavour. 

We then move onto the main; Mac & Cheese - The Frog Way. It's funny because since I was a child I've disliked Mac & Cheese. When I was younger and visiting a family member, it's all we used to eat and I think over time this resulted to me turning my back on ordering this...perhaps for the wrong reasons. Needless to say; I ate it.

I am so incredibly thankful that I did.

It's easy to generalise a dish; Mac & Cheese is seemingly something people see as a simple dish, perhaps lacking flavour. However when you have a chef as innovative as Adam Handling, he truly could turn anything into an experience. The sauce was incredible; creamy, moreish and full of various flavour. The strong taste of the 30-month old Parmigiano Reggiano was a welcomed one - and more so complemented by the fantastic glass of Chardonnay (Macon-Villages, Domaine Perraud, France, 2011). It's funny because before this neither Mac & Cheese or Chardonnay would be something I'd rave about, however it was my absolute standout dish of 2016. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing I ate.

After a fantastic main course; I knew dessert couldn't live up to it. It definitely gave it a fantastic shot though. The Burnt honey, parmesan, malt and lemon definitely plays with flavours, and perhaps mixes those you wouldn't expect, but nonetheless it truly was delicious. After a heavy two courses, the lightness of the lemon was welcomed and the dish as a whole was just really enjoyable. Who knew parmesan could work as a sweet?

As it was an event, we were lucky enough that Adam Handling spoke about the menu and the reason behind his choices. He was charismatic, down to earth and I genuinely cannot wait to see him excel and (I pray) open another restaurant. 

Here's to a restaurant deserving of a million more Michelin stars. My absolute favourite restaurant of 2016.

With thanks for Parmigiano for inviting me along to a fantastic event and providing me with a night full of cheese, wine and fantastic company! 

2 Ely’s Yard, Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street  E1 6QR

*Photo credit The Frog for image 1 & 4 


  1. The food looks spectacular, especially the cheese and truffle doughnut. Heavenly! :) xo~ Lena


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