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The Jamie Oliver Cookery School - Steak Class.If you had of asked me 2 years' ago to participate in a cooking class, I'd have outright refused. I used to burn even the simplest of things, and in all honesty cooking didn't interest me. As much as I love food now - it wasn't always the case. After doing a couple of cooking classes over the last 12 months, I decided to try a class on how to cook the perfect steak at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School. 

Located in Shepherds Bush, The Jamie Oliver Cookery School has recently popped up with the aim to teach the masses how to cook. The classes on offer vary from steak classes to Japanese to Vietnamese, there really is something to tickle your fancy whatever your favourite cuisine. I originally considered the Japanese class, but my intrigue on how to cook the perfect steak prevailed. I mean, initially, I figured it was a super easy and simply just a case of putting it in a pan.

I was wrong, I mean totally wrong. I assumed that it would be a simple procedure, however with a huge variety of steaks it is understandable this isn't the case, because "you wouldn't cook a fillet like you'd cook a sirloin."

In this particular class we were to be learning to cook sirloin, rib-eye, fillet and flank. Personally, sirloin is my favourite. Whilst fillet steak is more lean, for me personally it lacks flavour. It's explained that whilst flank steak is the cheapest cut out of the bunch, it actually has one of the best flavours out of the bunch.

The class begins with a demo on how to cook each steak, season and also any additional sauces to it. For example, the salsa verde and peppercorn sauce. Our teacher was both funny and informative, and alongside the help of prosecco helped us enjoy our evening. 

As a complete novice, the steps were simple and easy to follow. Once he'd cooked all four steaks, we could try. My favourite of all four this time would have to be the ribeye, however I was impressed with the flank steak. The taste was incredible, and whilst the texture isn't something I'd actively choose, it still made for a delicious meal. 

After learning each steak and sauce, we were tasked with cooking our own. But with the peppercorn sauce - it was interesting to see how it's cooked.

Personally I love peppercorn sauce; it's my favourite part to any steak I eat. He fried the shallots adding seasoning until light, then added Jack Daniels, followed by crushed peppercorns and powder black pepper and cream. A simple recipe which, hands down, wins the best peppercorn sauce I've ever had. r

The cooking space is perfect. There is more than enough room for people to co-work, but it's also in a position that everyone can see everyone making the experience a little more social. Whilst cooking you're able to order drinks from the bar as well as ask your chef as many questions as your heart desires.

In this particular class, on a Friday evening, there were around 10 people in the school and it wasn't full or over-crowded. It was the perfect group of people, the perfect size too. 

Once you've all finished cooking, you're invited to sit on a large dining table on the other side of the cookery school alongside your fellow chefs and enjoy the food you've cooked alongside the previous pieces the chef has cooked.

As one person, two huge cuts of steak was a little overwhelming after snacking on the red meat before. I tried my hardest to scoff everything I could down because, not to toot my own trumpet, but it was marvellous. But alas, it was too much for just one. 

The consensus from the whole table appeared to me of the same opinion as me; it really was a fantastic class and we'd all do it again. 

If cooking steak isn't your thing, then don't be put off as there are various other class you can try from Mexican cookery classes to Thai or perhaps learning how to make pasta. I can't wait to book and learn to cook Vietnamese street food which looks amazing.

The Jamie Oliver Cookery School is located in Shepherds Bush in the Westfield Centre. It's a moments walk from the station and if you've got free time before or after, there's the option to eat in the restaurant. 

This particular class retails at £55 per person and lasts around 2 hours (fantastic value for the amount of food, knowledge and time) but other classes increase and decrease in both value and time depending on what you're cooking.

If you're looking to broaden your cookery skills, then visit their available classes here:

Check them out for yourself here:


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