Manitoba Tigella, Fitzrovia


 In London, we're fortunate enough that a different restaurant opens up on a weekly, if not daily basis. Most recently to pop-up on my radar is Manitoba Nigella. A restaurant with a strong Northern Italian heritage that they're aiming to take London by storm with - and I can see it happening without a shadow of a doubt. 

The swanky looking venue, located on New Oxford Street, is home to Manitoba Tigella. Tigella is an Italian bread which originated Northern Italy and has distinguishing features separating it from other Italian favourites; it's flat, pressed and served warm. It's also delicious.

With this as the fundamental of the restaurant, we couldn't wait to try our own alongside understand what the whole experience, restaurant and story was about. Manitoba Tigella really is providing people with something more than the cliche Italian experience in London, and their menu proves this.

Whilst you're still able to get the classics along the likes of pizza and pasta, you're also able to enjoy more niche dishes such as Tuna Tartare or Octopus salad. These options are great for someone who isn't into the carby classic Italian options, and perhaps seeks something a little lighter. 

Though the Tigella comes highly recommended, and after tasting several I can see why. The parma ham is some of the best I've ever had, whilst the tigella itself is the kind of food to give you the warm fuzzy feeling inside. It really is delicious! 

Manitoba is also a fantastic place to sit and enjoy a drink with an impressive bar, and even more impressive cocktail list. The strawberry and champagne based cocktail is, firstly, impeccably presented and makes for a great instagram shot - but also tasty. The kind of drink you could quite easily drink all evening! 

See you at the bar!


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