Casa Brindisa | South Kensington


Tapas is a cuisine that you'll find most people loving; for foodies it's an opportunity to try everything on the menu without the guilt of doing so. Casa Brindisa in South Kensington was my recent venture before heading to the Natural History Museum lates - which by the way I'd totally recommend - and despite the short visit I simply had to share it with you.

Now let me be honest; originally we only ate here because everywhere else was exceptionally busy to the point we couldn't get in. We quite literally stumbled across it by chance - but I'm quite glad.

Casa Brindsa is part of a group; they have six restaurants across London. I've actually eaten at their London Bridge one before too - again out of convenience.

Anyway - back to ones love, food

Firstly, we ordered drinks and as a beer lover I was happy to see a gluten free beer on the menu. As someone who is intolerant to gluten (I know, literally fml) and shouldn't really have it (though, sometimes I put myself through extreme pain for it) it was pleasant to a see a GF option which wasn't over-priced, and certainly didn't taste of shit.

As with most tapas places, it's recommended you order 3-4 dishes per person though as we were simply popping in for a quick snack and drink we only ordered 5 between the two of us.

On offer you have everything from marinated white anchovies to impressive charcuterie selections. We opted for; Catalan spinach, corn-fed duck breast, Croquetes Jamon Y Pollo (cured ham and chicken croquettes), a lamb dish(of which I've forgotten the name, however it was the only lamb dish on the menu) and the traditional potato tortilla.

Each plate came out at a different time, but all within 20-30 minutes of ordering and at a pace which didn't overwhelm us, but was just right. It's easy to feast your eyes upon a tapas selection and eat everything within seconds, and in some locations this is encouraged, but we felt extremely comfortable. 

We both noted these types of venues are perfect for the times when you've not got anywhere else to be other than you comfortable abode, and you can easily sit at the bar eating tapas and sampling their wines...of which there are many. 

For me, the standout dishes would have to be the duck breast, lamb and spinach. As a self-confessed spinach fiend, it was perfect for me. Least favourite? I'll give them their dues, nothing was bad. I can safely say there wasn't anything I would order again. In fact - I'd actually re-order all of the above, and more.

Now I'm not saying you'll have the best meal of your life here, but if you're looking for somewhere to perch up whilst eating good food and drinking wine with friends/partners/whoever, this is your place. 

7-9 Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2HE


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