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Where are the best brunch spots in London I hear you ask? Well, I've not quite conquered the whole of London yet but South West London is my humble abode and after 6-months on the scene I've found a few gems. I'm definitely no seasoned expert on the brunch scene, yet, but I've conjured up a few favourites in my time eating around here. 

Now - I'm biased but South West London, for me, is the home of brunch. Whether you're battling a monster hangover with severe avocado cravings or you're seizing the day with a perfectly stacked plate of pancakes - SW London has a fantastic offering. 

Anyone who lives between Clapham North and Tooting Broadway has probably heard of Brickwood - and not just for their "coffee & bread". A perfect spot for us millennials for our avo on toast, alongside frothy latte. I'm a sucker for their coffee - in the SW it's my favourite, in Central it's got to be GRIND. 

If you're looking for an inexpensive bite to eat, of good quality food then it's your go-to place. I am forever munching on their toasties, with an unashamed side order of hash browns AND bacon. Hey, don't judge me. Girls gotta eat.

If you are thinking of heading here on the weekend - be prepared to queue. They're extending their Balham branch, but boy it'll still get busy. Always a good sign - right?

Price: Average - it's good quality food, and you kind of pay for it.

11 Hildreth St, SW12  | |

MUD Cafe 
I've written a full post here - but I absolutely love this place. They're doing the brunch scene exceptionally well - and even with a little twist. The menu provides everything which you'd want from a brunch venue, but each dish just give the little bit more. For example - breakfast tacos. Who could say no to eating a dinner dish at 11am? Their pancakes - my favourite thing on the menu and often my Sunday morning craving.  

The coffee is from Ozone - not my favourite but it's still great - and the food really is great. 

Price:  Value for money - without a shadow of a doubt.

141 Mitchum Rd, SW17 |

The French Cafe 
You will find me here most Saturday mornings, alongside the rest of the Tooting Bec residents. The French Cafe is one of the first places I began my brunching obsession, and it's without a doubt my most visited. It's a stones throw from the common, exceptionally cheap and I've never once had a problem. 

My absolute favourite thing on the menu? The above - the waffles! I know I shouldn't have them - firstly because of the calories, second because the gluten absolutely kills me - but every time I order them.

Price? Exceptionally well priced - easily have brunch for two for under £25 

16-18 Righerdon Rd, SW17 |

The Breakfast Club
A cliche option; but a great one. Always a queue. 

The Breakfast Club was the actual FIRST place I ever went for brunch. It was after my first night out in London being single, and believe me I was hanging. We queued for nearly 40 minutes, but it was worth it for the milkshake and the pancakes...are you seeing a theme? 

Price? Slightly over-priced given local, indepedent competition but worth visiting.

Various locations |

Dee Light Bakery 
Located almost next to The French Cafe is Dee Light Bakery. A cute little bakery serving up home-cooked treated and a minimal brunch menu - but minimal always says it's done well. I love popping in here when my brunch affair isn't a long one, and in all honesty I just don't have the time to spent two hours brunching.

I also pick up a coffee most weekends here, whether it's just to drink in general or drink whilst walking around the common.

14 Ritherdon Road, SW17 |


  1. Always love finding a good gem in London! South London is a bit far from us but if we ever find ourselves up there or simply want to take a trip up for the food - we now know where to go! Thanks for sharing, it all looks so good!

    Jessica & James |


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