Plum + Spilt Milk, Kings Cross


Plum + Spilt Milk in Kings Cross was a restaurant I visited through work for their magazine (you can read my previous write-up here: Access London Blog) and it was so great I simply had to share it here too.

Located moments away from Kings Cross in The Great Northern Hotel is Plum + Spilt Milk, a restaurant which is on the fancier side of things. Though that could be perceived as a negative thing; it's not. 

From the moment we arrived at Plum + Spilt Milk it felt luxurious and we were immediately greeted and seated. Seated in a booth by the window, you're able to peek over Kings Cross - which if you're like me and love people watching is perfect.

Once seated we're provided with menus, and sadly unable to accept a wine on arrival as we're both not drinking (well for me, until the main course) so stick with a fizzy elderflower...though the woman looking after our table was more than happy to give us her recommendations for wine.I had every faith in her from the moment she begun talking about her favourite Pinot. 

As always my mind is first and foremost on the food, and as I am a little hungover (despite it being a Thursday) I can't help but crave the red meat. Plum +Spilt Milk offer a fantastic menu aside from the red meats, from a variation of fish to poultry options. I couldn't help my choice of steak after seeing those around me devouring that alongside their beef dripping chips. My friend opted for something a little lighter; pan-fried cod with razor clams, hedgerow garlic, baked squash and chorizo with a side of buttered mash potato.

We did have starters prior to our mains, however they weren't much to shout home about however I wouldn't say these were benchmarks for the standard of food and I'd rather avoid mentioning them.

Anyway back to the mains - the wait was minimal which, if like us you're on a lunch, is perfect. The surrounding diners were a mixture of families and businessmen, proving that the restaurant really does cater for all. The steak was put in front of me - instantly I am salivating. The smell is incredible.

Barely waiting to tuck in, I'm provided with a (small) glass of Rioja Reserva Izadi (2011) from Spain. A recommendation from the lovely woman looking after us, and a fantastic one at that. The steak, cooked medium rare, was incredibly tender, and as expected, tasted incredible. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever had; better than restaurants which specialise in steaks. 

As always I pair my steak with chips, and beef dripping chips at that. I consider myself quite the chip connoisseur and they were exceptional; crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and require no seasoning.

Neither I nor my friend utter a word throughout the duration of our mains; other than the occasional murmur to indicate we are enjoying it. This is always a good sign.

Not one for turning down a pudding, we persue the menu and eventually make our decisions. I opt for the Valrhona chocolate mousse, honeycomb and toffee option - unable to resist something exceptionally sweet. 

The chocolate mousse was exceptionally sweet as expected, and hoped, though it would be best shared between two as it’s a little rich for one person. Despite this I manage to eat the entire serving!


Plum + Spilt Milk


  1. I read chocolate mousse and I was sold, if only I lived closer! xx

  2. Plum + Spilt Milk seems like such and amazing restaurant. The food looks breathtaking and the interior is just gorgeous. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. The food looks incredible! I'm sort of unhappy it's the end of the day now, as this post has made me extremely hungry! xx

  4. This restaurant sounds amazing! Definitely want to check it out. It's great there's so much more to the King's Cross area now. xxx


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