MUD Cafe


In London brunch is a right of passage. Not to sound too pretentious, but I quite literally cannot remember the last time is was a weekend and I didn't go for brunch. Now that's not because I'm some baller, or particularly want to go, but sometimes it gets to Sunday, the fridge is empty and trudging to the local MiLK Cafe or MUD Cafe seems to be the only viable option. 

I mean people are now brunch DATING?! The world has gone mad.

On the topic of brunch, I recently discovered my absolute favourite place to "brunch" in Tooting. I put forward MUD Cafes. Similar, in a good way, to the likes of Brickwood or Milk in Balham, but bringing a slightly different menu with perhaps a bit more ambition. Well I mean as ambitious as you can get with brunch in a leafy suburb right? 

Located just up from Tooting Broadway station is this almost hidden delight, and it's definitely a real treat. I've visited a couple of times and each time I've come away feeling content, happy and most importantly, full. 

I'd avoid going at peak times - there isn't a huge amount of seating and it's rammed, though worth the wait. Sundays are probably going to be the busiest, whilst when I visited on a weekday it was pleasantly quiet. 

As a coffee fiend, it's one of the most important things for me. Luckily at MUD they serve Ozone Coffee which is one of my absolute favourite coffees. Since moving to 'tha big smoke', I've come to appreciate a good coffee. Gone are the days of Pret coffees, and we're now facing battles between Grind and Ozone. Both are really good though - you've got to try them! 

The food? It really is great. My favourite thing on the menu, albeit the most calorific too, is the pancakes. The American style pancakes topped with pear and lemon puree of some sort, strawberries and a sweet sugary powder is quite literally the winner of brunches. The pancakes are super soft (I've had them twice, they're still amazing) whilst the breakfast burritos look insane.

If you're looking for a healthier option - go for the granola. I had this last week and it's great - several types of fruit, a nice crunchy granola and some Greek yoghurt. It's deceivingly filling. But if you're not watching the tum - you need to get the pancakes. It's an order.

Price wise - it's more than reasonable. For two (large) brunches alongside coffee you're looking at around £21-25 which for the amount, and quality, of the food is good-going.

You're not going to get the cliche, over-done Breakfast Club experience here - it's something a little different but much better.


141 Mitcham Rd 
Tooting, London - SW17 9PE


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