Why I'm Completely Okay with being Single


Being single is seemingly frowned upon in society, and I'm incredibly guilty of playing a part in demonising it. My regular plights for finding love are well documented on my social media, and to many (read: all) it probably appears that I deeply unhappy with being single, and reluctantly date. 

Being a singleton has its ups, just as being in a relationship does, and although in many ways it's not quite as convenient as having someone there at 2am to hold your hair back whilst you vomit up the contents of Infernos entire bar, and yet in the morning still want to cuddle, it's still not that bad.

So why do you moan I hear you ask?

Honestly because my plights to find someone are true; I am typically unlucky in love. Every single guy I've ever fallen for is more often than not emotionally unavailable or just not as into me as I am in him...and you know it's kind of fun to document my failed attempts at finding someone quite as weird as me. 

It's often overshadowed by the plights of people who do find love, and the reality is that it's just not that simple. It's not as easy as signing on to Tinder and finding the one you'll spend your life with.

To further the stress of finding someone you actually like  - people do not talk anymore. I mean at all. If a guy is talking to you in a bar, then I'm afraid that 9 times out of ten he's not looking for a long-term relationship, he's looking for a one-night thing...in which you'll be swiftly ousted in the early hours of the morning, cue...

"Hey. I had a really great time last night...I'm really busy with work at the moment, but maybe we can meet for drinks later on in the months. Speak soon x"

Oh fuck off, Jeff. We both know that's not ever.going.to.happen.

The reality is that as twenty-something girl in London who spends more time focusing on her career and social life, dating just isn't easy. The dating scene, as we all know, is now 99% online and before you've met them face to face, you know what job they're doing, how long they've been there and where they live (thanks LinkedIn). So when it comes to the actual date; there's more often than not nothing to to find out about them. 

But before you've even got to the point of going on a date - you've also got to sift through several arseholes to find at least one person who MIGHT be remotely normal, and fingers crossed not want to spend the entire time talking about their ex-girlfriend who was "really good looking" and they "don't really know why it ended".

Yes so you know being single has its downs, but it's also the best thing in the world.

I want to go out? No one to answer to.

Don't fancy shaving your legs for 4 weeks? No problemo. 

Morning breath? Ain't nobody there to smell it.

Serves two? Perfect, lunch for tomorrow.

Now I won't lie - dating is the part which is soul destroying. It's tiring, it's often boring and it's expensive...but the actual act of being single is fine. Being single teaches you to love yourself, to be comfortable with yourself and YOUR BODY. It shows you that just because you're on all your tod doesn't mean you have to lack anything in the form of emotions OR sex. You've got two hands, you've got emotions of your own - it's okay, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Being single is the part of your life you'll end up looking back on in 15 years time when you're settled, and wish you did more with it rather than spend the entire time hoping to meet someone. 

The reason I am still single? Because I don't actually spend my time looking for someone, and although I dabble on apps I am not making an effort to find someone.

I love my single life, I love being alone and I am comfortable enough with myself to date people, spend Friday nights alone watching a film or Saturday mornings working out rather than frolicking about in bed. 

It's okay to be alone, it's okay to just be you. 

That being said - someone please date me. Joking not joking.

*I am totally joking, unless you're Bradley Cooper then hello.


  1. This is fucking excellent.

    One point of contention, however:

    "Serves two? Perfect, lunch for tomorrow."

    Never in my life have I had in front of me a meal big enough for two which I have saved for seconds the following day.

    Is this just me?


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