The Floating Gaardens


Us Londoners, we love a beer garden or something where you can bask in the rare 2 hours of sun we get on a weekly basis. We love those crowded outside spaces - period. We complain we hate them, regularly, but we pile into them regardless and usually have a joyous time despite spending 40 minutes queuing for an over-priced drink. It's in our blood.

Hoegaarden, a Belgium beer, have popped up in Hackney Wick providing a floating beer garden. Combining things that us Londoners love the most; edgy parts of London, beer, pubs and gardens. 

The Floating Gaardens, which you can access through 90 Bar and Kitchen, really is the place to be this Summer. Despite the heavens well and truly opening on the launch evening, it turned out to be a great event with a whole host of people turning out - including Professor Green. 

It's funny because I actually really love beer, however being on the wrong side of gluten it's not always the best choice of drink for me. Nonetheless I was willing to risk being unwell for an event involving one of my favourites, and a floating garden. 

The Floating Gaardens is impressive; it's a really lovely set-up with various places to relax and (hopefully) enjoy the sun this Summer. If you fancy standing at the tables, or chilling on the various cushions scattered around you're welcomed to do so.

As for the beer; you know it's good. As a not-so-seasoned beer drinker, it's something I actually really enjoy drinking. Though if you're more of a wine person (and I don't blame you at all) then you can head into 90 Bar and Kitchen to grab whatever drink you fancy, they're also extremely reasonably priced.

The Floating Gaardens really is the perfect place to head on a sunny Saturday - but I expect this one will be busy whenever the sun makes an appearance so be sure to head down there early - and enjoy! 

During the week it will be docked, however at weekends you'll be able to roam the canals whilst snacking on canapes and drinking beer.

See you there! 

 Sat 30th July – Sun 21st August 2016

Number 90 Bar & Kitchen, Hackney Wick, E9 5LN


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