Texture Restaurant, Mayfair


In the "heart of Mayfair" sits Texture Restaurant. Texture is an "award winning Michelin starred modern European restaurant" and when we booked a few months ago I couldn't wait to try it out.

Texture is within the same group of restaurants as 28-50, I have previously dined there on one of their wine-pairing evenings with Aggi Sverrisson and it was one of the best evenings I've had in London. The wine we enjoyed that evening was absolutely brilliant, as was the food. 

Texture is known for having heavy Scandinavian influences, with the head chef being from Iceland and his influences from there being extremely apparent in the food. After a fantastic experience at 28-50 I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the food at Texture.

Texture is located in a beautiful townhouse style building moments from Marble Arch station, a selection of pubs and bars are close by if you're fancying after-drinks however the bar within the main entrance is lovely to perch up for a pre or post-meal drink, or several. 

We started off on a cocktail, well actually a few, which were incredible. I can't tell you what was in them; but they tasted much like a combination between raspberries and champagne. It was the perfect way to start the meal. 

Despite it being a Friday - the restaurant was fairly empty when we arrived, though it did begin to fill-out a little when we left around 9pm. We were seated on a large table in the dining area, our maitre d' seated us. I loved the restaurant, interiors and food - but this would be my only criticism of the restaurant. He was a bit too much for my liking - others may enjoy the service, however I felt he was a little over-imposing and too much.

Naturally, ahead of booking I'd already made up my mind about what I wanted. They are no longer on the menu, but I ordered the scallops with a soy and sesame seed dressing alongside pak choi. The dressing was incredible; it was almost sweet but incredibly tangy. I hope they bring it back to the menu; it really was incredible. For the life of me, I cannot remember the white wine which was paired with this but nonetheless it was delicious. I'd recommend asking for recommendations if you visit; they know their wines.

In-between courses we were given palate cleansers; my favourite being the pea snow. It was delicious, I think I could have enjoyed that on it's own. 

For main I knew immediately I would be going for the Black Angus Beef, Rib-Eye with chargrilled ox-cheek and horseradish. It sounds silly - but for me I judge a place on it's beef. It's my favourite meal, and when dining out at places which are notably more "fancy" I always choose the beef. It doesn't mean I wasn't incredibly tempted by the Icelandic Salted Cod though.

As expected in a place like Texture, the speed of the service really is impeccable. It's faster than you'd expect. We never felt rushed, but our food was always there at the perfect time. 

The beef came on a bed of coal; it was smoking. Immediately I was thrilled. Our plates were lined with the horseradish and ox-cheek. Ox-cheek is one of my favourite things to eat, I absolutely agree with the combination of ox-cheek and beef. It's perfect. 

The beef, despite the small portion, was incredibly tender and the knife just sunk into it. It had a mild smoky taste to it; meaning I instantly fell in love. The jus which accompanied the beef was incredibly moreish - to the point I was dipping every last piece of food on my plate into it. The portion sizes are very small; it's to be expected. I always think "the more expensive the meal, the smaller the portion sizes" and it's true. You're paying for the quality, not the quantity. 

Do not go to Texture and expect to come out feeling absolutely stuffed - it won't happen. 

I wasn't a huge fan of dessert - it wasn't what I was expecting however when I ate at 28-50 they had the White Chocolate Mousse, Ice-Cream, Dill and Cucumber dessert - it was absolutely incredible so I'd really recommend opting for that. 

We did however enjoy three glasses of the dessert wine, again chosen by our server, and it was delicious. Normally I find dessert wines exceptionally sweet - perhaps too sweet to have more than one however this wasn't the case.

A lovely touch was that when they found out it was two of our birthdays, they brought us out a birthday platter with macaroons, etc. It was a really simple but sweet gesture. 

On the whole - Texture is great. As mentioned there are few things I wasn't a fan of - but that is my personal opinion. I'm a huge fan of Aggi Sverrisson - I think he's one of the best chefs in London with such an incredible talent when it comes to food.

It's expensive - for three courses with paired wines you're probably looking at around £150+ per person. 

Is it worth it? Yes. 

Boroa Upp - apparently Icelandic for eat-up.

Texture Restaurant
34 Portman Street

T: 020 7224 0028
E: info@texture-restaurant.co.uk



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