Stop Being B*#ches, from an ex-bitch.


Me - being super happy about life and not being a bitch.
Now I avoid ranting on my blog nowadays, I went through a little phase last year of ranting about this or that - but recently I've found myself getting incredibly riled by things I'm seeing. 

And this isn't a blog post about misogynistic men, it's about misogynistic WOMEN. In the past few months I've noticed more than ever how women are going at other women in a way I've never seen before. Predominantly on social media, and sadly it's heavily linked to blogging. There hasn't been a day in two weeks where I've not seen at least one person (but come on, in reality it's more) making a sly dig or comment about someone's life/instagram/success/body/something else which has nothing to do with them.

I mean when did social media become an outlet to slate other women?

Do we not face enough insults, struggle and imbalances in real life? The ever apparent gender pay gap, or perhaps the fact that anxiety in women is up once again this year. These are matters which we should be talking about and pouring our energy into, not sitting around slating some girl we've never, or ever will, have any physical contact with. 

What I find more annoying about this behaviour is the fact that it often manifests in body image. Ironically body image is all about your own perceptions, how you want to be and how you feel comfortable - but society tells us that a good body image is a certain way. Society is unable to grasp the concept of healthy, but then that's just the way it is.

Healthy isn't a set shape, body or size - it's completely and utterly down to the individual. You can be a size 0 or a size 16, and still be healthy. The whole "she's too skinny, it can't be healthy" or "how can you be healthy at that size" has got to stop. 

Now this may offend some people, but once again this is my opinion and it really shouldn't matter to you - I don't agree with people who are genuinely incredibly unhealthy promoting their lifestyle. Whether it's someone who is on a juice cleanse 3 times a month whilst eating dust the rest whilst claiming to be a "health blogger", or someone who eats 6000 calories a day whilst claiming it's healthy because they are "plus-size". Neither of these lifestyles are healthy, neither involve any form of balance and it's wrong to push these opinions on young, impressionable women. These types of people are few and far between, but they do exist. 

Girls - maybe we should stop trying to batter other girls down to catapult our own success, or insult someones figure to make us feel that little bit better about eating the entire packet of biscuits(we're all guilty on multiple occasions, amiright, or amiright)

I mean if a girls being a bitch on social media - call her out on it. It's so unnecessary to just continuously be dick - and this doesn't boil down to me rambling on about "banishing negativity". I mean hell, my twitter feed is 85% me moaning about the tube, people eating egg mayo on the tube or something else which has riled me.

It's all good to be negative, but not towards someone who is simply living their life, doing their thing. Don't rain on someones parade just because you're feeling a little miserable.

I don't want this to sound condescending, but take it from a girl who used to be the bitchiest person ever. I'll be completely honest - I was a complete bitch. I was so discontent with my own life that insulting others apparently was the only way forward - but it's fucking shit. It didn't make me happy, and now I'm able to fully step back from it all I realise how stupid and naive I was. Don't get me wrong - people are always accusing me being nice to them as fake, but you come to realise that if they want to see it like that then so be it. Don't fight it, and don't lower yourself to it either.

But back to the online mess - we've got to stop being dicks. You're making it acceptable for men to begin this cat-calling and body shaming...if you're doing it then why can't they?

The sad thing is I shouldn't have to rant about this, I shouldn't even feel like I want to write this because it shouldn't be happening. I mean I don't care if someone has 20 followers or 200,000 thousand - you don't insult them on their bodies, their appearance or anything else which has nothing to do with you

You want to be happy? Then focus on your own shit

Let's #BanishtheBitches - peace out, bitchezzzzz.


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