SODO Pizzeria, Lower Clapton


Now I don't know about you - but I love pizza. When I was a child I used to peel the topping off and just eat the base - it didn't matter what was on it I simply refused to eat it. Luckily those treacherous days are behind me and I am now firmly a pizza addict. Whether it's a brie and parma ham special, or just a simple cheese and tomato base I'm all good.

When addicted to the level that I am, it's lucky to have companies similar to Sodo around. Sodo Cafe, based in Hoxton, Lower Clapton and Walthamstow, is my favourite pizza place in London. Set up not too long ago they've already smashed the east London pizza scene - which is hard when you're competing against the likes of Pizza East and Franco Manca.

I visited Sodo back in March, so a while ago, but nonetheless I've fallen in love and the love continues four months on. The Lower Clapton branch is the particular branch I visited, it's literally moments from the station.

The interiors are exceptionally cool; white walls adorned with the smokey black marks from the candles that sit on the table. Funky paintings and works of art either side, and an open kitchen for diners to see the chef at work.

Greeted by the lovely Luca, who is warm and a real chatterbox - which I loved. He provides menus and chatters about the restaurant - oozing interest and a genuine passion for the place which makes me even more excited to tuck in.

I opt for the meat plate alongside the burratina. The burratina is mozerella stuffed with cream, whilst the meat plate is simply that; a selection of local curers meat.The combination is recommendation and upon digging in - I see why! The meat is delicious, albeit salty, which works well with the creamy burratina. I couldn't have been more in foodie heaven had I of tried.

After a delicious starter, it's pizza time. Ultimately the main reason we came to Sodo's neck of the woods, we were expecting great things - and shock, they delivered...oh boy did they deliver.

I had opted for the special of the day; spinach, parma ham, brie and ricotta. The sourdough base, which we'd been shown being prepared, was soft and chewy. Exactly how I like it. 

Now - as a cheese addict this pizza was perfect for me. Let me tell you that even if you didn't like cheese you would love was the best pizza I have ever had. I've eaten in multiple chains around London, and this hands down did it for me. It topped my expectations and more. 

As if this wasn't enough a brownie was ordered, and it was worth the genuine pain I felt after the meal. It was rich and warm, whilst accompanied by the ice-cream. I quite literally couldn't stop myself eating it - and I'm glad I didn't.

Luca was also a high point among the food - he was so genuinely lovely that he'd be reason enough to go back. It's rare that you find someone who genuinely warms you heart, and he did.

Sodo, keep smashing it.

126 Upper Clapton Road

E5 9JY



  1. Gorgeous place! Love the design! x

    Happy weekend,

  2. The place looks lush! And anything with any form of mozzarella in sounds perfection to me! Yum! xx

    Tamz |

  3. You have definitely sold this to me :) I'm a big pizza (and cheese!) fan anyway to be fair haha however this place seems quite near to where my boyfriend lives so I'll have to make him take me!

    Jasmine xx

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