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We love tea parties, or for those of you who want to make it sounds a wee bit better ‘Afternoon Tea’, and it’s essentially a completely valid reason to eat as many calories as you could possibly want whilst also sipping on tea (or if you’re like me, cocktails) at 2 in the afternoon. It’s really one of life’s best gifts.

Little Nans, who have had several pop-ups in the past, have taken residence in Nunhead. Peckham is undoubtedly one of the most up and coming places in London, similar to the likes of Deptford and Lewisham, and it’s got an increasing amount of places to head out to. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a Central London girl through and through, but Peckham has that little something.

It’s a bit rough around the edges – but believe me it’s full of some wonderful places. It’s kind of like Kimmy K pre-fame, come on we all remember it right.

I’ve actually previously been to a Little Nans pop-up before – last Summer I went to their Cocktail Den on Curtain Road (here’s a review of that here) and it was such good fun. I really enjoyed my time there, so I was excited to be invited along to try their Afternoon Tea.

Based in The Golden Anchor, on Evelina Road, is a delightful underground bar/tea room/whatever you will. Walking in is truly like taking a step back in time to a 1960’s living room. The walls are adorned with memorabilia from various outlets; though it’s hard to ignore the giant, lit-up portrait of the one-and-only Pat Butcher in the background.

It’s a quaint little spot – having previously been I kind of knew what would be the theme but my pal Alex was pleasantly impressed by the d├ęcor. It’s hard not to be when London is so full of white, sleek bars…it’s nice to be somewhere which quite literally feels like someone’s home.

We settled in – naturally looking at the cocktails on offer first. Around us were a variety of people; from a hen party to a couple to two friends. I guess it’s testament to how this can appeal to everyone.

As a rum-fiend, or actually any alcohol fiend, we opted for the ‘Queen Kitsch Bitch’ cocktail. A healthy combination of Spiced-rum, fresh lime, Brockley mint, cranberry juice and prosecco. Served in a larger than average tea-pot with bananas all over it. We choose our teacups, because naturally in a ‘hip’ place like this it’s what you do, and it begins. The cocktail is great – super sweet, and actually almost too drinkable. If I was at one of their unlimited tea pots for two hours events, I think it would have ended differently.

Then, of course, comes the food. It was a traditional tea party – home-based scones, Victoria sponge and finger sandwiches. Yes – I am not supposed to eat gluten but I was willing to risk being unwell for this. It’s funny because when it came, I thought I’d still be hungry (I eat far too much) but I was actually stuffed by the end of the second tier. It’s deceiving, I think it’s the carbs but either way I definitely came out feeling as full as can be.
The ladies hosting us we lovely throughout – they were attentive and nothing was too much. Happy to explain about Little Nans, or praise the founder Tristan Scutt, it was lovely to have people so down to earth to share the afternoon with.

Naturally after consuming my body-weight in cocktails and cake, I came out stuffed and content. Everyone there seemed to have had a really lovely time; myself and everyone else that went out posing candidly alongside the various decorations.

The afternoon teas are hosted between their Peckham pop-up and their Sutton House pop-up in Hackney, offering foodies the chance to enjoy home-baked scones and cakes, alongside a teapot of their cocktails. For £25 you get a lot of food (I was stuffed) and one pot of one cocktail, or two half-pots of cocktails for you to try two.

If you fancy cocktails and cake, then visit their website or book via Design My Night here

Tickets are £25 each, or if you fancying visiting their other events then prices vary on what you get.

I’ll see you down in Little Nans, laterz.


  1. This looks so cute, I love scones!! Definitely going to be having a look!


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