Dinerama, Shoreditch


The realisation that the last few weeks of summer are finally here is settling in; gone will be the days of wearing tiny shorts sipping on Pimms with our mirrored sunglasses and instagram filters at the ready. It'll be replaced with snuggly jumpers and our iced-coffees replaced with a classic cup of tea. 

It's essentially the closing parties of summer in London for September, but it's not necessary to feel downcast. I love summer, but Autumn is great too and with a new season comes new pop-ups...amiright, or amiright?

So although I'm naturally devastated to say goodbye to my miniature tan, and hello to my muddy workouts on the common, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Dinerama is perhaps one of the main attractions this Summer (though did you know it's actually all year round) and I for one absolutely love it. Personally, this appeals to me a lot more in the summer than it does the winter...but I'm willing to give both a try.

For all foodies, you ought to have been here. I went months without trying it, despite quite literally working opposite it. It's a hub for all things street food; ribs, beef, Chinese, Japanese - various different times of food. I'm guilty of being one of those people with "eyes bigger than my belly" so you put me in a place like this and my eyes quickly become bigger than my entire body, not just my belly. 

Since discovering Dinerama I've tried the Duck burgers (and chips), the sliders, the pork ribs and pulled pork burger and had about 7 portions of the salted caramel doughnuts. If you've not had these - YOU NEED TO.

Dinerama is a hard one to write about in the sense of you can't really review it as such, it's not as if you're having a five-star sit down meal. You won't be getting any high levels of customer service, or immaculate tables, but sometimes that's not necessarily what you want.

It's the kind of place you can with friends, all get food you like and a few (read 10) drinks to get steadily merry (read steamed) whilst enjoying the bustling atmosphere. I mean it gets very busy - but in a good way. You have such a range of people there too from the Shoreditch "hipsters" to people who would look more suited on the screens of my TV on Made in Chelsea. 

So I wouldn't take this as a review as such, the experience is very much dependent on you and how you choose to spend your time there - more of a recommendation.

Enjoy the final days of Summer! 


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