The Best Workout Classes in London


Getting fit used to be a trend but it's become more of a lifestyle nowadays with people not just getting fit on a fad, but remaining fit and healthy. London is undoubtedly one of the best places to get fit with various options around the capital to get fit and healthy with, perhaps to fit off those various wonderful options to stuff your face with too.

I've tried a fair few - guilty of finding it hard to commit to one place, ironically relating to my addled love-life too. I mean sometimes you just don't enjoy it - for example although I run, I hate it. I will find any way possible to avoid doing it, we just don't get on well. 

That's just life - you love some things and hate others. So for those of you who don't face running around and want something a bit more exciting I've selected my four favourite workout classes. I've tried many, but these are my absolute favourites. You'll be sure to sweat because I prefer high intensity stuff rather than longer workouts.

Enjoy - if you can.

CycleBeat, Monument

What better way to start your week than with a spin class? 

CycleBeat is located near Monument or Bank stations, and is sure to really give your body a going over. With several instructors, but Kevin Mercer has been my favourite, you're sure to variate your workouts. It's a fun way to really work your body, whilst enjoying the fast paced music and instructions.

For those of you who are body conscious, like me, it's great because it's in the dark so if you need to slow down or die, once again like me, then you are truly hidden under the cover of darkness.

It comes in a bit pricey at £16 per class, but if you go for the introductory offer then you can really take advantage of unlimited rides.

A: 8 Lombard Ct, London EC3V 9BJ
Phone: 020 7042 9000

Box-Fit @ Frame

As mentioned before in my previous post, here, about Frame box-fit has been my favourite form of working out. It's a class which has a lot of variation and gives you a good mixture of toning up with cardio. 

It's a really fun way to workout, and you will definitely get a good workout. Personally I love Sophie Everard's and Kevin Keti's classes for a really intense class.

£10 per class with a Frame card, or £12 without.

A: 29 New Inn Yard, East London EC2A 3EY
T: 020 7033 1855

PolePeople, Moorgate

A different type of workout, but intense nonetheless. You will truly get a full-body workout with this one, and prepare to ache for a few days following on from this. It's sure to really get those muscle toned and the stomach flat.

It's fun, albeit maybe a little self conscious. It's not for everyone, but I loved it! 

Prices vary - but  for the City location it's still well priced.

A: Templeton House 33-34 Chiswell Street, Templeton House, London EC1Y 4SF
P: 020 7247 6693

Cardio @ Frame

Get sweating with this 30 minute 6.30am workout class. It's an absolute favourite of mine and I love doing it. It really gets your heart racing and, although only 30 minutes, it's more than enough to get your day started.

Robb Birchley is my favourite for this - he kind of scares me which means I try not to slack! I'd recommend trying to get onto his class though it is always on waitlist so book early. 

£10 per class if a member, £12 if not. Varies on length of class.

A: 29 New Inn Yard, East London EC2A 3EY
T: 020 7033 1855

4 of The Best Workout Classes in London


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