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It's no secret that I have come to love east London - perhaps borderline rivaling my love for SW London. As a self-confessed foodie, it's not a surprise that I spend a lot of time here - restaurants are at every turn, and they're not typical chain ones either. 

Individual places are what makes east London the great place it has become, and ChrisKitch is no exception to this. 

Christian Honor - a renowned chef, yet one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met - is the curator behind the food...and curate he does. After setting up a cafe in Muswell Hill, Chris has decided to set-up a restaurant in Hoxton Market. 

Hoxton Market is perhaps best known for well-established places like Meat Mission, however with treats like ChrisKitch coming along it's no surprise that it's becoming a shared territory. 

I headed to ChrisKitch on a work basis, but it's simply too good for me to confine the review to one platform. If you'd like to read that version, please do so here. We headed there on a Saturday evening, not long after the launch, for around 7.30pm.

Classic me, running a little late, after having a minor (massive) wardrobe malfunction whilst throwing the content around my room. Nonetheless when we arrived, at around 7.45pm, they were incredibly welcoming. 

The decor is one absolutely noteworthy thing; exposed brick walls, dark wood chairs adorned with black leather and sleek glass tables. It's all very chic, with hints of a high-brow restaurant shining through. I love going to exceptional places, but I am far more at home at low-key places. ChrisKitch, somehow, manages to combine both of these factors. An incredible well-done interior, with the laid back vibe which is hard not to notice.
We are seated - our drinks orders taken. I love wine, but I'm definitely not an expert. I ask for a recommendation, ‘Jim Barry The Cover Drive 2012’ – a Cabernet Sauvignon originating from Australia - is recommended. It was nice and full-bodied – yet sweetened by “ripe blackberry fruit”. The wine has become a favourite of mine since, and that evening instead of switching wines per course we stuck to this particular one. 

Whilst waiting we are presented with a series of entrees; kale wrapped and combined with a series of herbs and ‘lollipops’ which are cheese biscuits on sticks. 

The kale was delicious – yet incomprehensible. The common theme throughout the night would be asking the question, “what does it taste like?” followed by, “I literally cannot explain it”. The flavours were like nothing I have had before in my life.

After a while making up our minds we finally decided; my friend opted for the Tuna tartare with avocado, chives, chilli and caviar, whilst I went for the charcoal-grilled marinated chicken with lemon, black pepper and parsley. 

In-between the first course coming, Chris came over to introduce himself. I was so incredible taken aback by his modesty. Never have I met a chef so incredibly passionate about food, whilst also being so happy and grateful for being able to do what he loves. He is a true credit to the culinary world - and I'd go back purely to enjoy seeing someone who makes cooking a true form of art.

When our starters arrive it’s immediately clear that presentation of the food is important at ChrisKitch. It’s truly something special with some incredible colours going on - instagram, eat your heart out.

The tuna tartare, which I tried, is incredibly fresh bringing all of the flavours together to create a truly delightful starter. It’s the perfect way to start a meal when opting for a slightly heavier main. As someone who doesn't usually like raw tuna, this blew me away.
 The charcoal-grilled chicken is delicious and the flavour reminds me of a home cooked meal – with a twist. There was an element of it I couldn’t quite put my finger on which took it from an average dish to an exceptional one.

For mains we ordered ‘Egg and bacon, slow cooked pork, roasted quinoa, mushrooms, asparagus and potato fondant’ whilst I went for the ‘Hay-smoke blackened lamb, feta, slow braised pearl barley, eggplant and date chutney’ once again on the recommendation purely because everything looked so exceptional I literally couldn't choose just one.

The lamb was tender on the inside (it literally broke apart) whilst the outside was blackened, as promised, and gave a slightly smoky taste. The feta added another layer of flavour – especially with the date chutney - which you wouldn't typically pair. Chris manages to bring flavours together you'd often turn your nose up if they were paired.

The slow-cooked pork was incredible; cooked to perfect, complemented with the potato fondant and asparagus. It's been around three-weeks since I visited, and I am still craving this particular dish on a near daily basis.

Dessert wasn't optional; we couldn't resist despite being painfully full. It wasn't long before the crème brulee and chocolate fondant were en-route. 

The crème brulee was placed on top of a jam-tart style base and drizzled in, what I presume, to be a lemon dressing with raspberries scattered on top. It was weird, different but incredible. Quite possibly the best way to finish an already exceptional meal.

The chocolate fondant was delicious; both agreeing possibly one of the best chocolate based desserts we've had. A little heavy after red meat - but between two it's perfect.

I can, hand-on-my-heart, say this has topped my favourite restaurant list in London. It's a real culinary experience and a must for any self-confessed foodie. It's not expensive; it's mid-range for Michelin star quality food. 

I want to add that I cannot think of a more deserving person to have your custom than Chris; I truly was so impressed with how lovely he was, whilst also being mindblown by his food.

ChrisKitch, I salute you. Go forth and conquer the culinary world, you deserve it.

Find Chris Kitch

A: 5 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG

T: 0207 033 6666


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