Last week, when it was actually sunny and not cloudy and rainy, I headed to RoofEast in Stratford. Now, as a South West girl through and through I rarely head too far east of the River Thames. 

Now don't get me wrong - I love east London. I work in Shoreditch and I can safely say I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. It's a great place - neighboring onto Hackney which is the less expensive, gentrified version of Shoreditch. My current hairdresser, Glasshouse Salon, actually resides in London Fields.

So it's not that I don't like east London, it's that I never venture too far into it. Stratford has to be one of the most up and coming places in London - it's not quite there yet - and with the incredible amount, and rate, of things popping up there I'd be silly to ignore it.

RoofEast - an events space/area - is located on the top of a car park. In true east London style it's different and challenges the cliche experience of your average rooftop bar in east London. 

Within RoofEast you've got The Rooftop Film Club, Birdies and various food and drinks stalls. Needless to stay you're spoiled for choice and you can easily wind-up spending your whole night there...which is just what I did last week.

Myself and my housemate headed to RoofEast to see what they have to offer this summer (which by the way, is a lot). I have to admit - I wasn't excited beforehand. I felt really unwell, I was quite tired and I'd participated in ass & abs class at Frame Shoreditch at 7am that morning. I was, no exaggeration, in pieces. I powered through and headed to Stratford post-work.

RoofEast is surprisingly big -  hosting a huge open cinema, a decent-sized minature golf course and shacks with burgers, hotdogs, healthier quinoa-based options, strawberries and more. 

Instinct took me straight to the RockaDolla  stall and ordered myself a burger - because it was cheat day, and a burger is essentially salad with large croutons holding it together. I opted for the triple cheeseburger. 

Whilst there I also met-up with Kirsty from What Kirsty Did Next who I'd met at a Mister Lasagna launch. We decided to head to the bar to try out their cocktails - we ordered an Elderflower cocktail whilst Kirsty opted for prosecco. She was celebrating her wedding anniversary later than evening so it couldn't have been more apt.

Whilst we devoured our food and drinks, we also enjoyed live music which played throughout the evening. The sun was shining, there was a great atmosphere and the food was GREAT. 

Happy Hump Day indeed.

Later on in the evening, and a few cocktails later, we played a spot of crazy golf at Birdies. I am the first to admit I am terrible at anything golf related however I persevered, just, and managed to survive the game....scoring an admirable 37 and coming last. Woo! 

I would hands down recommend heading to RoofEast to enjoy the crazy gold, Rooftop Film Club and food. It truly is the perfect way to spend your summer.

Stratford - you've converted me.

Roof East
Floors 7 & 8, Stratford multi storey car park
Great Eastern Way, London E15 1XE

Find Roof East here:


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