Perfecting the Bouquet with Bloomon


 Flowers are something I love to have, enjoy buying and sending. There is nothing quite like receiving or giving a great bunch of flowers - yet I spend so little time thinking about what goes into them, what type they are. I'm guilty of sticking with the classic rose or peony, when I wish I was a little more adventurous.

Bloomon is perfect for that - being adventurous. 

I was invited along to Carousel, near Baker Street, for an event with BloomonBloomon is "founded by three rebels wanting to turn the flower industry on it's head" and after learning a little more I can't help but agree. 

Head stylist, if you will, Stuart was at the forefront of the event and immediately showed his passion for the company. "I love my job" he declared almost immediately and quickly introduced himself, the company and what was in-store for us that morning. We were to become florists - and that was final. 

Stuart demonstrated his bouquet whilst talking to us about his past (he worked for Selfridges flowers beforehand - during Valentines Day too so he knows exactly what he's doing). With Bloomon it's a little different - it's not overly cramped flowers, it's very much about the minimalism - yes the very same kind that Instagram knows and loves.

In true Nordic style, the bouquets are minimalist yet they work incredibly well. The kind of bouquets you'd see on Isabel Lath's instagram feed alongside her Chanel bag. Yes, they are pretty incredible.

Apparently Amsterdam is one of the best places to get flowers from - according to Stuart - which is where all of Bloomon flowers come from.

The morning continued to unfold with us all taking lead from Stuart and being given free-reign with our own bouquets. With a selection of over 20 different flowers and the ability to choose as many as we please - it was pretty fun. Though when you have a bouquet like Stuarts infront of you - the pressure is on.

I opted for a mixture of flowers all pink, orange and white...with a bit of foliage! I actually never knew that foliage is often worth more than the flowers - you wouldn't think it as it's normally a bit of a pain, but low and behold it is.

The flowers have been on the table for around 3/4 days now in a relatively hot room (our flat is super hot with lots of windows!) and they still look incredible and fresh. I have to admit I am really impress - the colours are what impressed me the most. The peony isn't the classic baby pink - but the most beautiful shade of hot pink I have ever seen. It's truly lovely.

Stuarts tips for keeping your flowers for longer:
- Change the water every two days
- Wash the vase out with bleach and add a drop in with the water to kill bacteria 
- Don't allow any greenery in the water 
- Keep out of direct sunlight 
- Cut at an angle 
- If the flowers are left for longer than 30 minutes, cut again as they seal up! 

If you'd like to visit Bloomon and get your own bouquet then please do so here:

I'd really recommend you do - I absolutely cannot wait to get my second bunch of flowers from Bloomon! 

J'adore flower lovers.


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