Aqua, The Shard


Price: ££££
Location: London Bridge 
Ambiance: Dimly lit, romantic 
Occasion: Special 

The Shard is perhaps one of the most touristy attractions in London. The highest building in London, completely glass and made to look like a shard of glass - to those who pass it, it's impressive.

The Shard is conveniently located on top of London Bridge station - literally it's on top of it. For those of you on the Northern Line this couldn't be more convenient. 

It hosts a variation of bars and restaurants - The Shangri La hotel is located higher up than the restaurants and bars. In this restaurant area you have; Aqua Shard, Oblix, Hutong, Lang & Ting. 

Aqua is also the area in which you can enjoy just drinks - separated slightly from the diners in a spacious area. 

I've been a couple of times now and, although it's pricey, it's nice. You're essentially paying for the view - which is incredible - and if just having drinks you don't get much more than that. 

The wine list is okay - I've had better and I've had worse. Now this sounds like a scathing review but rest assured it's absolutely not. I genuinely would recommend going to the Shard for drinks - not for food, I've heard awful things.

One of the huge perks for me is that even on a busy Friday night, you can get a table. I've been at "peak" times on both Friday and Saturday yet faced no issues when it came to queuing or London this is a huge perk. This for me justified the more expensive drinks. 

All in all - I'd totally recommend it for a quick drink and the experience of the height. I'm in no rush to head back to the heights - or try the food - but nonetheless it's worth doing the once.


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