How I Actually Feel About Dating


If you've been reading Style Devoured for longer than 8-months you will have realised that dating has become a topic on my blog, and rightly so. It's something I find interesting, and for a while I solidly dated - every night of the week was date night.

But what do I actually think about it?

I kind of hate it, I won't lie. I love it - I really do - but I kind of also detest it. If I could define a love-hate relationship I'd list this as one. 

We are the dating generation - everyone is doing it, making apps for it or thinking about it. Honestly if you are single in London then everyone assumes it's not out of choice - but that no one wants you.

I mean good god - how dare I be alone and happy?! 

Being in alone is deemed as appealing as the plague to many - yet I don't get it. Would people not find you more attractive if you're capable of being alone, rather than pining over someone who you don't want just need?

London, a city full of millions, is probably at it's peak with it all. For every one woman there is 6 men, and in some cases vice versa. 

The problem with this is that with this abundance of different people you always wonder 'what if', 'who else' and 'is there someone better'. The reality of dating in London is that you're unlikely to ever be satisfied. 

With this comes a certain set of criteria - which 9 out of ten times we just don't fit - and whether it's because they have a shit sense or humour, or despite being 29, still live at home with their mum they just simply won't do.

I mean it's tough - because being single and happy is deemed impossible, but finding someone who feels the same as you is also typically a dead-end. 

I can list in the past year the amount of people I've found myself even remotely compatible with - and it's one. One fucking person in an ocean of many that I get on with - and that's no fault of my own, might I add.

Throw in a few emotional issues with a healthy combination of men thinking with something other than their brain or "heart", and quite honestly you stand little chance of meeting someone and it ending in a sustainable relationship.

However if you're in the market for someone who thinks with their dick, and in all honesty just doesn't have the time for anything serious, they you are certainly in luck. This kind of guy is readily available in London - yours to take home, though not for too long. He wouldn't want you thinking he'd committed to you.

Yet despite this - being alone is still some ridiculous crime.

Dating can be so much fun - I mean it is so much fun - if there wasn't the pressure to find someone, rather just take everything as it comes.

The reality is that when you're trawling Tinder, Happn or Bumble to find "the one" you're unlikely to find anything other than disappointment - expectations are too high.

I love dating - but London you've got to chill the fuck out.


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