Get Summer Ready: Weber X Meat N16


There is definitely no denying that Summer is just around the corner and I speak for the whole of London (well, most of it at least...) when I say we couldn't be more excited. London in the summer is wonderful; Clapham Common to Hyde Park, there is always somewhere which will take your fancy. Despite weather recently taking a turn for the worst - this definitely wasn't the case a few weeks ago! 

With the hopefully good weather in mind, I was recently invited to head to Meat N16 in Stoke Newington to cook up a storm on their new grills with their new smoke chips! Who am I to say no to a classic British BBQ?

Weber Grills have partnered up with one of my favourite butchers, Meat N16, to have the grill academy in which you able to fully learn the art of barbecuing. It's located in Stoke Newington (hence the N16 postcode...) and it's a lovely little spot just moments from the City. 

Now I've never been much of an expert when it comes to BBQ-ing. I've often assisted (drinking pimms whilst occasionally passing something over) or just full on watched someone else do it ("Oh I don't want to get under your feet") but nonetheless I was intrigued by this event. 

Stokey is one of my favourite places to head to - there is such a great variety of places to go so for the location was's also only 20 minutes from Shoreditch where I work. 

Immediately I am quite taken aback by the sheer amount of grills; there are smokers, grills, pizza cookers in grills...I mean given I'm not one for that jazz I really feel I need the pizza cooker in my life. It's almost essential that I get one...

With a glass of wine in hand, surrounded by some meat and grilling experts I was ready to take on my first grilling challenge. Todays challenge for us (there are plenty more options of course when you actually opt into the full Grill Academy) was chicken wings in a sweet, tangy sauce but lightly coated in breadcrumbs. 

As a huge chicken wing fan it was interesting to see Kye give us a demonstration on how to cut up a chicken and get the wing, what parts ought to be thrown away and more. As someone who has never dissected anything before I found this pretty interesting albeit a little grim. 

For the marinate we mixed; syrup, garlic, oil and then dipped them in a combination of oats, flour and seasoning ready to be popped on the grill. Whilst we were doing this - other treats were being prepared in the sense of slow-cooked mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Whilst doing this we were also treated to various pieces you can cook on their Weber Grills - the stand out for me would have to be the pizza topper which allows you to cook pizza on a BBQ. I mean maybe I am being naive - but I simply don't associate pizza with a barbecue...yet it was one of the best I've had.

Weber Grills have a variation of products and add ons - you really can create the perfect barbecue for you. If you want to look for your perfect match then head here:

With Summer coming it's the perfect time to invest in a quality BBQ - and, this isn't me regurgitating a press release I promise, Weber provide great quality yet the prices really aren't horrendous. If you're looking to head to the Grill Academy then they have various locations over the country...though Meat N16 holds a certain fondness in my heart. 

Ready, steady...cook! 


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