10 Things I've Learnt Since Being in London


Well obviously Style Devoured is a predominantly London based blog - if you hadn't noticed - and believe me when I say being in London for a year has taught me more about myself and life than an entire 19 years in Kent.

I moved up last year - however moved back temporarily to Kent for a few months whilst continuing to work in London. Initially I did not want to move to London...I mean I was furious about it. Yet it turns out to be the best thing I have ever done.

In one year I've managed to progress as a person and career more than I would have in 5 years back home - and I genuinely couldn't be happier. But I've learnt a few things along the way...

Londoners are grumpy
Londoners are in a permanent state of being fuming - whether it's the extortionate rent prices or perhaps the horrendous commute - they aren't happy. Throw me back a year - I used to get onto the tube at rush hour wearing heels and, heavens above, smiling. I've learnt that, even if I am happy, to keep it to myself...

Don't wear heels on the tube in rush hour 
For the love of god, learn this now. I learnt this the hard way - or rather the victim of my stupidity did. I wore heels to work (when I first starter) and when the tube jolted I managed to stab this poor bystander with my heel...on the tube...in rush hour. She literally cried, which in turn made me cry....and it was awful. DON'T WEAR HEELS.

Growing up is £$£$£ 
Growing up is expensive now the bank of mum and dad has closed, and the bank of Kassie has opened. The loan rates aren't as good, and spending £200 on a night out isn't feasible when you're paying £800 for a box room. It's a whole different league - a much poorer one. I mean the Bank of Kassie is essentially the equivalent of League 2 in football to put in bluntly.

You will see every kind of person
London is rife with individualism - you will never see so many quirky people. Whether they've got ridiculous hair or a dog dressed in a suit, I mean the possibilities are endless. People used to say New York was weird - but having done both I'd say London is a little weirder...and it's great.

Dating is shit...
There is simply too many people, too many options that no one will ever be satisfied...

...but dating is also incredible
It's also ridiculously great - you have the best places to go and each guy is trying to out-do the other. You have easy pickings when it comes to men in London being a girl, so if that's your thing it's wonderful.

The food is in another league...
Arguably - London has some of the best food in the world. The food here is out of this world, and it's not the place you would expect. The hidden gems usually are my favourite; for example Bucci's in Balham was a recent expedition. It is great.

Take the day off if there is strike...
Don't even attempt the other forms of transport - it's just not worth it. It's hassle, it's annoying and borderline impossible. Work from home, take the day off...just don't go in.

It can be lonely
With a city full of over 8 million people it's weird to think it gets lonely - but it does. Despite there being this amount of people it doesn't mean any of them are there to talk to.

It's the most incredible place in the world...
It is hands down the most incredible place in the world. It's vibrant, buzzing and full of opportunity. I have done New York, Paris etc - but I'd choose London every time. 

It's the best.


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