Things Dating Has Taught Me


As I've said before in previous posts; I think dating is fun. For a while, I thought it was a load of faff. When my manager suggested starting to date as a means to get over an ex - I was hesitant to say the least. Naturally fairly shy when I first meet people I thought it would be a train-wreck - however something in me just seemed to be fine with it. 

Not all guys are arseholes...
Cliche saying from guys "all guys are dicks" and genuinely I thought this for a while - but if dating has taught me one thing, it's that they aren't. I've met people who are genuinely so lovely that it's resulted in me becoming a better person. 

Don't let the minority fool you - there are some really good eggs out there who are worth looking for. 

A sense of humour is the sexiest thing you can wear...
I bought dresses, shoes, bags. I fake tanned, got my hair done, etc. Yet this wouldn't ever go down well if I was a completely refined person of myself. A personality is everything, and the more I grow up I realise this.

What's on the outside washes off after one night, and it's kind of hard to like anyone who takes themselves too seriously 100% of the time.

It's expensive and the bill should be split...
Dating is mega expensive; and I genuinely think the bill should be split between the two. Men shouldn't be responsible because it's not always the case they earn more. You have a few drinks in a mediocre bar in London and, if one person is paying, you've already blown £70.

Split the bill - it doesn't have to be 50/50 - but the offer of a couple of rounds, I am sure, will be much appreciated. 

Have fun with it...
Even if it doesn't work out then you will usually learn something, and if you've learnt something it's valuable. Have fun with the fact you are dating; you're free to dating however many interesting personalities. You can meet whoever you want, and usually have such a laugh.

Just because I feel shit, doesn't mean I look it...
My confience wasn't exceptionally high when I started dating - a break-up had left me feeling pretty shit about myself - but starting dating made me realise maybe it was more in my head. Just because I was feeling shit doesn't mean I necessarily looking shit.

The backend of last year saw a definite surge in confidence for me and I'd never felt better. It's not a long term solution - but it helps.

You can make friends...
Believe it or not I've made a few friends through dating - whether it's the actual person or someone who just happened to be there. If it's just a case of meeting them in a taxi or through trying to escape a date - it's happened! 

London can be lonely - and it's good to have people around to make it less so. It's all a bit of a laugh at the end of the day! 


  1. These are good points. I think it's also worth being open minded and understanding that the other person is likely nervous about the whole thing. Funny story: when I'm nervous I talk A LOT, and when I went on a first date with my girlfriend I basically just talked about myself and apparently didn't ask ANY questions about her. She wrote the date off until her mom pointed out I was probably nervous. She texted me after the date with this in mind and... well, she's basically my soulmate and we're planning the rest of our lives together. :) Be careful to not make too many snap decisions, basically, because you could miss out on the partner of your dreams!

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. Thanks Aisling! I absolutely couldn't agree more...I talk a lot too! I think nearly everyone finds it daunting too - even the most confident of people!

      PS. SOOOOO glad you found your soulmate, I am so happy for you!


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