Mister Lasagna, Soho


We are fortunate enough that in London we are definitely not short of food options; a new restaurant pops up almost every day. On Tuesday evening it was the launch of Mister Lasagna; a restaurant dedicated to perfecting the lasagna. 

Now I won't lie - I love pasta. Despite being unable to eat gluten 90% of the time, it's my one vice I allow myself to eat...and I am so glad I did. We were offered samples of several of the different types of lasagna; spinach to salmon, four cheese to classic. Needless to say I was in my element.

Armed with a glass of white wine I sampled almost every one which came round - and perhaps ever had a couple more. Mister Lasagna launched yesterday - open to all public for from 7am, and if you are peckish after they have a fabulous range of desserts. 

Mister Lasagna will offer 21 lasagna varieties with eight staple dishes of classic bolognese, ham & cheese, mushroom, pesto, carbonara, vegetable, four cheese (cheddar, gorgonzola, bechamel, emmental) and Napoletana (meatballs, egg, bolognese, ricotta and bechamel). They will be available daily and joined by two specials, a rotation of 12 dishes; truffle, pumpkin, smoked salmon, chicken, artichoke, courgette, vegetable, aubergine, cherry tomato & basil, mashed potato & egg, spinach, onion and spicy tomato sauce. Diners will also be able to choose from five complementary sauces which are to be served on top of the lasagna; bolognese, bechamel, mushroom, four cheese or tomato.  

Mister Lasagna founder, Alessandro Limone commented, “The demand for Italian food in London is huge and lasagna is one of the most popular dishes. Mister Lasagna will offer traditional Italian cooking just like my grandmother would serve to me when I was a little boy. When you mention lasagna, many people think of the well known bolognese recipe, but with our 21 varieties we hope to change London’s perception on this classic dish.” 

I for one can say I will be popping into Mister Lasagna when I get my, often, pasta cravings. Everyone loves Italian food no?

Mister Lasagna
53 Rupert Street
Soho, London

‪020 77340064‬


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