Mildreds, Soho


Once again we find ourselves in Soho - but this time for something a little bit different. As you know I am a somewhat meat fiend so when it was suggested I visited a completely vegetarian restaurant I was a little apprehensive - by a little I mean I was fully expecting to be leaving hungry and ending up stuffing my face in McDonalds a few hours later

Enter Mildreds. A vegetarian restaurant serving up a whole host of different, extremely vegetarian things. Mildreds is located in three central London locations; Soho, Camden and Kings. I personally visited the Soho branch on a Saturday afternoon - amidst the hundreds of tourists who had gathered in West London to enjoy the first truly sunny Saturday we've had for a while. It was a breath of fresh air to find that we got a table instantly (though beware sometimes this is a curse) though I've since heard this is actually quite rare. I suspect it was due to the lack of outside seating - either way I'm not complaining.

The menu is simple - one page - and for someone who struggles with deciding what breakfast I should have most days this was a breath of fresh air. I opted for the Halloumi burger - I've only recently tried halloumi and I absolutely love it - with sweet potato fries on the side. Other sides of tenderstem broccoli, cauliflower and corn chips were ordered for the table also.

Within 20 minutes our food arrived which given the restaurant, which is very cosy, was completely full and appeared to also have people in the event space they offer I was pretty impressed - and as usual I was starving so suited me well. I'd like to add that this isn't a paid review - I went here off my own back and genuinely enjoyed it.

So - the halloumi burger. The burger was in a bun (I left most, I can't eat much gluten) with some aubergine, spicy hot sauce, garlic sauce, rocket and a decent amount of friend halloumi. I am under no illusion that just because it was vegetarian it was healthy - it absolutely wasn't. I can safely say - best halloumi I have had. It wasn't too salty or processed like it sometimes can be - and the condiments (I usually hate them) gave it a bit of kick to make it taste a little different. The portion was huge - and I could have easily done without the sides.

The sweet potato chips were delicious - and came with a garlic/mayonnaise style dip - it was cool and refreshing. I found myself dipping everything else into the dip. I need the recipe - but I guess that's what Mildreds cookbook is for. 

Obviously as aforementioned we had ordered a few sides. The standout for me was the tenderstem broccoli or the cauliflowers; both done completely differently to how I expected. The broccoli was cooked in a chilli/oil dressing so it had a slight kick to it, whilst the cauliflower was spicy yet with an almost sweet/cinnamon twist to it which made it a little different to a typical cauliflower dish. Is it just me or is everyone jumping on cauliflower as an almost super food at the moment? Faux rice made out of cauliflower is a firm favourite of mine.

So because we are Londoners - and if you're under the age of 25 and not working in banking, we're all poor - you're wondering about price. Between three people (3 mains, 3 sides (one was free), 3 drinks & service) it came to £45 which for Soho is ridiculously reasonable. 

The portion sizes great, staff friendly and location ideal - I will definitely be heading back to Mildreds again.

45 lexington street
soho, london
w1f 9an

0207 494 1634


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