Hungry Donkey, Whitechapel


As a child I used to holiday in Greece - mainly Crete/Kos - and hold anything Greek fondly in my heart. The people, the food, the culture - there is always something very endearing about the Greeks. 

I was recently invited to head down to Hungry Donkey to try out their new menu; a KG of meat. As someone who, despite loving vegetarian options, is never shy when it comes to meat this was definitely something I could go for.

Armed with my new housemate, Alex, and an empty stomach we headed along to Hungry Donkey on a Thursday evening. As I've mentioned previously - Thursday night is the night in London. It's not uncommon for workers to revel in a meal and a selection of alcoholic drinks on #ThirstyThursday...yes it appears that Thirsty Thursday doesn't stop at university.

We arrived at 7pm and were immediately seated in this quaint, urban restaurant. The decor is cool; hanging lights, pastel chairs and exposed walls. An open kitchen and bar is located at the back of the restaurant whilst the range of seating is at the front - even outside if it happens to be the weather for it! 

We sat down - instantly being handed the wine menu - and were explained the new concept of the KG of meat. We were recommended to start with half a KG as it was huge with a couple of starters - we happily agreed.

We opted for the grilled halloumi (which I found the below joke HILARIOUS) as bonified cheese lovers. I opted for a glass of white wine, whilst my friend the house red. 

What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halloumi - #DadJokes

We were torn between the three choices; chicken, pork or lamb. Both incredibly indecisive we asked the manager what his recommendation would be out of the pork and lamb, he recommended the lamb though mentioned the pork is also great.

We were told our lamb would also come with the typical Greek additions of dips, salad and bread. They brought this out with the starter on our request which was great and throughout they were exceptionally accommodating for any requests. 

The halloumi was super quick and we immediately tucked in; I am such a sucker for halloumi having only recently tried it. I sometimes find grilled halloumi a little salty - but this was perfect. It worked well with the salad (meant for the lamb, but I would recommend the two) and I could have easily just eaten that! 

The dips (oh maa ghaad dips) were incredible. We had the Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic), Htipiti (whipped feta, smoke paprika and boukolo chilli) and Melitzanoslata (roasted aubergine dip). My absolute favourite was the Htipiti; believe it or not, as a self confessed cheese-fiend and foodie, I'd never tried feta. It is hands-down a new firm favourite. The dip was incredible; working well with all other parts of the meal.

Our lamb arrived - and he couldn't have been more right about the size. Half a kilogram was more than enough for two; there are huge lumps of lamb and the plate was full. If you're in a group of two - half a kilogram, with a couple of starters and sides, would be substantial. Though if you're hungry you ought to order the full kilogram and maybe even take it home! 

The lamb was cooked medium-well done, which is fine with me, and lightly seasoned. It was full of flavour; retaining the typical lamb flavour with a different twist. It was almost smokey. 

My personal favourite combination, because you all want to know obvs, was the lamb with feta, salad and halloumi. Very cheesy - but almost mellowed out with the salad. A genuine WINNING COMBINATION. 

Despite being stuffed - we were tempted into dessert though to share! We opted for the bougatsa which is warm semolina custard in filo pastry pie. We also got a scoop of ice cream which is made out of the same ingredients as the ouzo - it has a refreshing taste yet also had the hint of aniseed in it. 

I would have to say the bougatsa - no word of a lie - was one of the nicest desserts I've ever had. I have had many desserts in my time and this definitely ranks highly. 

As always my opinions are honest - and I would happily head back here. The food was incredible, the service wonderful and the atmosphere was great. From about 7.30 the atmosphere began to get really busy - every table full so I'd advise booking beforehand. 

I genuinely haven't found better Greek food in London as of yet which compares to the food out in Greece itself.

56 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7AL

If you'd like to head to The Hungry Donkey yourself then visit their website:

Or perhaps book via phone on 020 7392 9649


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