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Borough Market has to be one of my favourite places in London. During the day and in the evening there’s always somewhere to eat, something to do and a selection of places to get a little boozy – whatever night of the week.

As someone who prides herself on the sheer amount she eats (honestly, I don’t know how I do it sometimes) I was pretty hangry after not eating for 6 hours and stumbled across Black & Blue. It’s located opposite Wine Wharf, which is a firm favourite of mine. We arrived – the service from start to finish was pretty awful as their only downfall – and sat at the bar. The bar is huge, white marble and reeks every aspect of the City. I instantly loved the interior – a sucker for glass, marble and a monochrome theme.

We ordered a drink whilst waiting for our table – and noticed that for a Tuesday evening the restaurant was heaving. I mean don’t get me wrong – I know London is literally busy every night of the week. I remember when I first came to London and found it utterly absurd that on a Monday night people went out – and now I can safely say I am one of them. Monday is the new Friday – huh? 

As we clambered over the masses to our table about half an hour later, we were seated by the window, it’s apparent that it’s even busier that we first thought. Undoubtedly this is a City slick, suits and tie kind of place – probably most suited to a post work meal with colleagues – but nonetheless we sat down.

The menu is your typical red meat based menu; lots of steak, burgers and a few starters. As I was heading to Hawksmoor (for the first time) the following day I resisted the steak and opted for a burger – medium rare with added bacon and cheese. I did specifically opt for the burger with no bun (gluten intolerant), however it arrived with the bun. The service is the main thing which will stop this restaurant being great rather than good – it took a while for anything to be done, empty glasses were left on the table, orders were delivered wrong – but luckily the food redeemed it.

The burger was a little overcooked – but it still managed to retain all of its flavour. The meat was full of flavour, juicy and a little salty – exactly how a burger should be in my eyes. The added bacon and cheese (despite being minimal) really added to the experience – anything with cheese and I’m immediately sold.

Considering myself a fries fiend, I have to say theirs were really quite great. Crispy, slightly over done and exactly how I like them. The issue with the bread still being there didn’t bother me or ruin the meal – it most likely was a slip of the mind and I certainly wouldn’t pass negative comments on their food.

Our plates were quickly removed – one perk of the service – and dessert menus delivered. A very simple menu which meant we chose quickly; myself the sundae, my friend the chocolate brownie. They were out within 10 minutes, if that, and in front of us.

The sundae was average – there wasn’t anything exceptional about it, or anything awful about it. It was just okay! I almost wish I'd had the brownie instead.

I don’t want this to come across as a scathing review; it wasn’t terrible. For two mains, two puddings, two glasses of wine and two beers it came to around £72 so not horribly expensive – though the added service charge was somewhat a joke (we still paid – typically British).

I would like to head back to Black & Blue on the basis the burger was incredible – and I think it was perhaps on an off day with the service. Until we meet again Black & Blue…

Overall Rating: 6/10 
Price: £££
Return?: Yes

Visit them yourselves…
A: 1-2 Rochester Walk, Borough Market, London, SE1


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