#BigKid - Breakfast with Babybel


Babybel, to me, reminds me of opening my lunchbox to find it in there and then using the casing to make some intriguing looking object – often settling with a messily mushed ball as art was never my forte. It’s something which, I guess, I left in the past and forgot about – but why? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Now it seems silly that many of us have done this. As someone who works, and often carries around a little bag, a handbag sized snack of one of my favourite foods kind of seems like a brilliant idea? Yes Kassie, yes it does.

I was invited by Babybel to head down to the Southbank to enjoy a breakfast and see what their Babybel light is about. As a huge cheese fan but also conscious of the fact I am growing outwards, I was intrigued to find out a little more about a healthy cheese – also known as a scapegoat for me to enjoy cheese and not get fat.

We all know Wednesdays are typically pretty dull; wake up (6am start, snore), go to work – and we still have three whole days before the weekend. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I am one of those who lives for the weekend as I really love my job so working isn’t a complete drag for me. But nonetheless I wouldn’t say I am Wednesday’s biggest fan – unless it’s #WineWednesday.

The idea of the campaign was being a #BigKid – and given I spent over 40 hours a week working, 20 hours commuting and everything in between I am always up for completely losing all seriousness. Being a #BigKid for a bit is healthy – letting go for a second is without a doubt good for you. Initially I was supposed to attend the 7.30am pogo sticking along the Southbank but sadly I had a bit of a crisis at home and was unable to attend this part. So I headed to the breakfast at Sea Containers @ The Mondrian.

I walked from Waterloo, and oh my god I fell in love with London again. I’ve been somewhat MIA from the Southbank (aka, my favourite place in London) recently because it’s just too cold to be outside for extended periods of time. Walking along the Southbank at 9am, despite the sub-zero temperatures, was incredible. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in London.

I arrived and was quickly seated. The breakfast was with Stacey Soloman who is the brand ambassador for Babybel Light. I’ve always been a fan of Stacey (not a die hard Belieber style) but it’s always nice to see someone who is genuine, doesn’t take themselves too seriously and kind in the public eye. It feels pretty rare – but she’s a real gem!

The breakfast was amazing – blueberry pancakes get in my belly – and I had a really love time speaking with the girls from the company and Stacey herself. I think the main thing I would say I took from it is my new lease of life – the new ability to eat cheese without feeling guilty. I am not up-selling this, or pushing this down your throats but literally with January being one of the most depressing months of the year it’s quite nice to throw yourself back to your days of being a kid! It's also kind of helpful that it's pretty much guilty free - I mean I put cheese on everything so I will probably be putting them in my food a lot more now too! 

I'd like to say thank you to Babybel for having me alongside their breakfast with Stacey - it was lovely to meet the team and her! 

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