Polpetto, Soho


Polpetto is quite possibly the best tapas I have had in London to date. Ooo-ah, big statement.

Polpetto, which is in West London A.K.A my favourite part of London, is a tapas restaurant set within an older looking building in the heart of Soho. I'm talking dim lighting, minimal decor and the intimate vibe which makes it the perfect place to head there on a date. 

We arrived around 9pm, and were luckily seated within 15 minutes. The place was really busy - and it's not a surprise. I was a little hesitant. Despite recently converting to being a foodie, and fully devoting myself to trying new foods, flavours and drinks - I still find myself a little apprehensive when the menu is completely out of my comfort zone. But hell, girls gotta eat. 

The menu isn't vast - it's a careful selection of dishes which provides a ample amount of flavours. Everything from squid to rabbit. I know many of you may potentially squirm at the rabbit, I mean I did, but it's well worth a try. It's a lot richer than I expected, but paired with red wine would be great.

The pricing here isn't your typical West End pricing either - it's not cheap, but by no means expensive. For two people and around 6 dishes, 2 drinks it was under £50. You can't actually book, it's walk-in...but realistically you will be looking to wait no longer than half an hour. 

Polpetto, to keep it short, is great if you're looking for something a little different. The dishes are interesting, not typical - and delicious. The experience is intimate, personal and unlike London. The tables are close together in some cases, so if you don't like this then perhaps this isn't for you.

I know everyone loves a good food picture, but sadly I don't have any so you will have to head there yourself to create your own memories. I would highly recommend Polpetto for something a little less London.

There are also some great bars in the surrounding areas so you will have plenty to do after you've finished - always a bonus. 

Google Maps: 11 Berwick St, London W1F 0PL

T: 020 7439 8627



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