Mother Mash, Soho


London is full of fine eateries, fancy restaurants and Michelin starred places so it's almost nice to find somewhere which prides itself on a simple dish like mashed potato. Soho, as previously mentioned, is one of my favourite areas in London. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the biggest hubs for the best food in London and with such an array of food you are always going to find your craving, no matter how weird it is! 

On Sunday, I was post-Christmas Party meaning I was absolutely hanging. I mean I genuinely saw the light at one point on Sunday. The Struggle was Real. I happened to be in West London anyway for a spot of shopping, and remembered Mother Mash had been recommended to me for the best mash, fantastic sausages and pies - and also great value. Hangover cravings of carbs meant this sounded perfect.

Surprisingly busy for Sunday afternoon, we had to wait a short while before being seated. The restaurant itself is very small and quaint - very much the homely feel to match the type of food. Though to be fair, I would have sat anywhere had they have provided me with food...and my classic full fat coke. I cannot be the only one who craves this when hungover?! 

The menu is absolutely ridiculous. You choose your sausage/pie, type of mash and gravy. Now I might as well be Northern, according to my family, because I drink gravy. I literally live on the stuff. Give me the choice of various gravy and god I was a blubbering mess.

I opted for the pork and leek, traditional mash with traditional gravy...with french beans wrapped in bacon. I was truly sticking with tradition. It wasn't long before they arrived, and although the service wasn't fantastic the food more than makes up for it. The portions were huge - and my inner (but soon to be outer) fat kid well and truly came out. I blinked and it was gone.

The sausages were quite possibly the best I have had, other than The Great British Sausage Co sausages I tried at Taste of London. Not a plug - but heavens they were amazing, you need to try them. After a heavy night, this was the perfect anecdote however that isn't to say that is all it's good for. I'd happily head here on any occasion. 

The pricing is another thing to note. For two people with two huge meals and drinks, it was just over £30. For Central London, and pretty decent quality food, that is incredible. Definitely not something you should ignore! 

If you want to head down to Mother Mash then head here:
26 Ganton St, 
London W1F 7QZ

Happy Eating! 


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