Flat Iron, Soho


 (Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness) 

I am the first to admit my red meat consumption is absolutely above the recommended amount. I am a sucker for a nice steak, roast beef or even a beef burger - literally just give all of the red meat. 

Flat Iron, now with three locations, is a restaurant dedicated to one type of steak. Forever guilty of being indecisive when it comes to menus (largely because I want to eat everything on the menu - one course simply is not enough) their simple menu was a breath of fresh air, and my quick decision was undoubtedly a more pleasant experience. 

Red wine - my new found love - is becoming my favourite pairing with red meat. I used to drink white wine with red meat - shame on me - but having broadened my horizons in the year of 2015 I now am unable to eat red meat without red wine. Still taking baby steps with red wine - I opted for a merlot. For a central location (Carnaby Street) the price of the wine and food is exceptional - and great quality. 

So we opted for the standard flat iron steak, with beef dripping and creamed spinach. I'm going to throw this out there - the steak was one of the best I have had in London for a while. I regularly order steak on a menu - and for the past three/four months this is without a doubt the best I have had. 

The steak was tender, full of flavour and the perfect portion size. I won't lie when I say I am a carb fiend - and the chips really upped the game for me. #AllOfTheFood 

Then I moved onto the spinach - and oh my god have I been craving it ever since. I typically like asparagus with my steak (weird, I know - I just love it) but this has changed my life. I mean literally - GET IN MY BELLY.

Pricing wise it's fantastic. For two people with all the trimmings and a large glass of red wine each - it was under £50. Flat Iron operate a no reservation policy - and you're likely to face a wait of at least 10 minutes as it's absolutely rammed...even on a Tuesday at 9pm! Not to worry though - there are so many bars around you can head there for a drink and they'll text you when your table is ready. 

Steak lovers - eat your heart out! 

Visit Their Carnaby Branch:
 17 Beak St, 
Soho, W1F 9RW

Visit their Website:


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