Christmas at Southbank


I am without a shadow of a doubt the biggest Christmas fan. Largely because it's the one time of the year that I needn't make excuses for excessive food and alcohol consumption, and simply saying "oh, but it's Christmas", suffices. I mean try saying that in April - it just doesn't work in the same way. 

So with the 25th fast approaching, and thus my excuse fast expiring, I am on a quest to make the most of the Christmas event in London. Lets start with Christmas at Southbank. I've previously mentioned my love of the Southbank on my blog, perhaps in my OXO Tower post, and at Christmas that kind of just soars. Open fires, mulled wine, various food stalls...good gracious, who needs a boyfriend at Christmas when you have this?

So we settled into the Rekoderlig Cider Lodge - at about 2pm because nothing says alcoholic like being drunk at lunchtime - and obviously opted for a mulled cider. Now I won't lie - mulled cider is lovely, but for some reason unbeknownst to me I vomit every single time I have it. I allowed myself a few sips (read: gulps) and luckily managed to keep it down, but not without a struggle. 

With regards to prices, it's not as pricey as you would think given the location and setting. At about £4 per cider, with a £2 deposit on the cups, it doesn't work out pricey. If you opt for one of their cocktails you will be paying a higher price but it isn't what you'd expect and still very reasonable. 

Now once you're done with your first round of drinking - move onto the eating. From bratwurst(I tried my first one) to hog roast, burgers to waffles - you will definitely not go hungry. Absolutely overwhelmed with choice - and I mean I am super indecisive - I tried the bratwurst. It was my first so sadly I cannot give you any form of comparison - and I was also pretty tipsy so I would have eaten anything - but it was good! A little salty, but good nonetheless.

There is also an abundance of mulled wine aswell as cider. If you're looking for a place to get boozy, enjoy Christmas and force yourself into the festivities then head on down to the Southbank. Chin Chin! 


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