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I am genuinely one of London's biggest fans. I sing it's praises on a daily basis, I act like a tourist at every sunset or every incredible view - I love everything about it. You have probably picked up on that if you've read my blog recently. I have a quick post on somewhere I recently ventured to and wanted to share with you.

The Experimental Cocktail Club is one of the reasons I love London. Nowhere else in the UK would you find something like this; hidden, oddly endearing and always fun. This somewhat hidden bar (hint: keep an eye out for the group of people outside a rough looking door, I kid you not) provides an evening like nothing else. Throw yourself back, and you'll be transported into something which may remind you of the prohibition. Everyone loves a theme. 

You may want to reserve your seat because we witnessed a couple of people be turned away - it's one of those places where it's better to be safe than sorry. Once you arrive into ECC you're likely to be overwhelmed by the opulent decor, it's all very grand. The area is dimly lit and perfectly sets the scene. The DJ in the background is playing apt music, and naturally results in me wanting to continue the night here!

Alcohol wise, because we all know that is the most important part, prepare to be blown away. The ECC got its name for a reason. With consistently delicious cocktails (I'd recommend the rum/cucumber based one if they still have it) you're likely to end up a little tipsy...and with a significantly lighter bank balance. It's not cheap - I won't lie. But as with anything in Soho, it rarely is. 

If you're looking for a fun night a simple step down from a night out clubbing then I would highly recommend heading here. 

Location: China Town...13A Gerrard Street, London
Price: Subject to a £5 entrance fee and the drinks are pricey, but worth it! 
Times: 6pm-3pm, head there after 9.30 for a better atmosphere. 

If you head there - have the best time! 

Forever sampling London,

Kassie xo 

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  1. These photos are amazing! I'd love to visit <3



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