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 If you follow me on Instagram you know I love my food, and if you've seen me recently then you've seen the evidence of this too. There is no denying that if there is food involved, I am usually about a metre away. Now I like to treat myself to meals out. This isn't me being pretentious or anything of the sort, but I am working long hours at the moment due to a commute. I deserve a treat. I mean I am a huge foodie, I live for it. I had heard about the OXO Tower for quite some time and you know when you get an urge? Yeah that happened. I booked for a late lunch because who doesn't love a good view and a spot of wine on a Saturday right? Pass the wine.

So I head over to Waterloo fairly early. I mean I won't lie when I say I was feeling exceptionally hungover after having a few too many glasses (read: bottles) of wine at the Hoxton Hotel the night before. I was feeling a little fragile and naturally going to the top of the building filled me with a slight amount of dread. However, once there the views immediately took away from this. It's hard to think about that horrible banging head when you've got a panoramic view of London infront of you.

Now a lot of people find it hard to believe when I say London is the only City I would live it at this moment in time. I've been to New York, Paris, etc. But nothing, for me anyway, quite lives up to London. New York was close, of course, but London just does something for me that these others cities just didn't. London, I bloody love you.

I am already potentially in the pocket of the OXO Tower purely for the view, they really couldn't of chosen a better location. When we arrived the service was amazing, nothing was too much and when you're hungover and needy - an off the chart waiting service is exactly what you need. Cold water? Perfect. An extensive wine list? Even better

We opted to sit outside because it was fairly warm and the view was really not to be missed. Sorry I keep on, but I am a sucker for a backdrop. Immediately handed menus and a wine list. The wine list was extensive - a good range of whites, red and rose. I personally prefer to drink white during the day, red makes me sleepy (read: fall asleep) so we went for a Chilean white wine. One glass and I had firmly been pulled out of my hangover. I'm a firm believer that this always works.

We get hold of the menus and start considering our mains. Naturally I am drawn to red meat - I don't know why but whenever I go out to eat I usually opt for a red meat. Shame about my inability to drink red wine not infront of the tv. I end up opting for the beef fillet with white asparagus and mushrooms. I have to admit - it took some time choosing. Their mains really do look quite incredible and had the person I was with wanted the same I would have opted for the chateaubriand as it looked amazing when I saw it being served at the surrounding tables. 

In between courses, the service is amazing. OXO Tower is one of those places where you can simply live with paying the higher price tag because from start to finish you could not want for anything. Despite the weather cooling we remained outside and our mains quickly came. As expected the beef was incredible - tender and succulent. The accompanying vegetables went well. I felt pretty content with my choice, next time I am keen to try the lamb. 

After the main, I was still quite full. I decided on the sorbet to finish. Light and fresh, also good for my hangover which was rapidly going. The sorbet was, like the main, amazing. I genuinely couldn't fault the OXO tower for their food. It's not the best I have had, but I felt it was money well spent. 

Naturally the post food drinks were calling. We headed over to bar area where we were seated in the hanging chairs. Super comfy, but I could have easily drifted off. Not for someone who hadn't got to bed until 4am. We opted for cocktails, now we'd finish, and their naming of the cocktails is quite creative. I opted for the Brief Encounter because who doesn't love one of those? Well I bloody love them.

This cocktail was the pivotal point of where my evening could have ended with me retreating home to sleep, or heading out. It had the effect of the latter becoming reality. Very sweet and rightfully alcoholic. Definitely my kind of drink. 

All in all - you guys gotta make it rain. Read: Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street making it rain. Despite being expensive I wouldn't have a single reservation about going back, and actually am considering booking myself another meal out there for November. I've already booked Coq d'Argent for Septembers extravaganza. 

You're able to go just for a drink though if you'd prefer, and then afterwards you've got some good bars quite local. The local is great as it's located just along South Bank...so if like me you want to carry the night on then you're spoilt for choice with regards to location. 

Go on - treat yourself.

The OXO Tower Restaurant

Forever eating,Kassie x

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  1. That steak looks beaut. It sounds like such a gorgeous meal

    Anna | aforvogue


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