Ceviche, Soho


 Soho, although a tourist haven, is one of my absolute favourite places to go in London. It's got everything from a red light district to a lovely Peruvian restaurant. I'm totally kidding, I do not hang around that part of Soho. Moving on...

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ceviche on a date. Yes, another date. Quick spoiler - it was the first and last date. Italian, banker wanker, AND I quote "I could never date a woman who earned a similar amount as me. I need to be the higher earner. I just hate it". See you never, but thanks for the lovely meal. 

Anyway, onto the good food. So I headed to Ceviche as I said a couple of weeks ago, and given I haven't properly experimented with Peruvian food I was slightly hesitant about going there. I used to be an extremely fussy eater (I'd never tried an egg until I was 18, yeah I am weird). But nonetheless my new motto is try everything once (also my first time trying to date an Italian) and I was optimistic. 

We were seated and recommended a cocktail. After a long day, and once again hungover (it isn't my fault, there is a huge drinking culture in the city), the cocktail (a very sweet mix,with rum) went down very well. I was quickly onto my second.

Having not been there before, neither had the Italian, we asked our server to choose our dishes for us. They opted for Arroz con Pato(a duck dish), Lomo Saltado(a beef dish), Don Ceviche(Seabass dish) and finally Tuna Manu(Tuna, duh). It was very much like a tapas style menu - able to try everything we ordered. The seabass dish was served cold and quite spicy - personally it wasn't for me, but the Italian loved it. The duck won me over, as did the tuna and beef. 

The duck was cooked perfectly. It was crispy on the outside, but full of flavour. Complimented with the dark beer rice. The portion size was also huge - more than enough for two people. The beef was also on the same level as the duck - juicy, slightly spicy but not too much. I was in foodie heaven. Despite my company being mediocre, the food really blew it out of the water for me. There was an abundance of flavours with dishes which can sometimes just be a little...boring. 

Would I go back? Yes. Definitely. Preferably with another human though.  Sorry I don't mean to dwell. Service wise - it was okay. Nothing over the top, but by no means awful.

Recommendation? Have the Pisco Sour. It is lovely. 

Price - moderate. I mean we aren't talking OXO Tower prices, but we also aren't talking Pizza Express. A happy medium, and what you'd expect to pay for a good meal in London. 

But what are you waiting for? Don't take my word for it, have a taste yourself...
Ceviche Soho

Always Drinking,

Kassie x

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