Taste of London with AEG


Hi All. 

This has to be the most delayed post ever - but unfortunately I have been dealing with some personal issues and a recent move in the past few weeks. Nightmarish, but nonetheless I wanted to share my experience at Taste of London with you.

Firstly - let me apologise to the great people at AEG for the delay of this post. They gave me such an incredible day (I was in foodie heaven, it was insane). So let's do a complete throwback to Taste of London. You may have seen my instagram, twitter or snapchat (all @kassiebarkerj) on the day - it was great fun. We started the day with a G&T - because how else would you start it on Saturday at a place like this, right?

We sampled the Fever-Tree tonic water (amazing, you need it in your life) with our first round. We then headed to the smaller businesses tent - we picked up chutney, fudge, pickles, cheese. We literally gorged on everything, it was probably the best day of my life to date because I totally didn't feel guilty for the sheer amount of calories I had eaten.

So besides eating the free samples we obviously wanted to know what Taste of London was about, but also what AEG were about. We headed over to the hospitality tent and were given champagne, alongside more food (well, you know it would be rude not to). To put the next comment into context - I am obsessed with Grand Designs. So I have convinced myself I will be buying a plot of land and building up my absolute dream house. So when I saw all the funky equipment from AEG I think I got a lot more excited than your average 20 year old. 

The day continued - we hopped from bar to bar, food to food and eventually ended up at the experience tent. We were then given a cooking class on cooking mackerel with the AEG kitchen appliances - as someone who isn't a huge fish fan I was scared, but it was truly incredible. The hob works amazing too - and no this is not sponsored - but it's really awesome. My aunt actually has one in her kitchen and I love using them, especially as I am always running around doing things and don't always have time to watch over my supper. 

The recipe for the mackerel can be found on on Gluts and Gluttonys blog (Mackerel recipe) if you want to recreate it. It's become my favourite dish - it's really healthy but super filling, something I always struggle with.

Overall - Taste of London was incredible. My only regret is not writing this post sooner - but unfortunately I've been dealing with some issues recently! 


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  1. omg, this does look like foodie heaven! I love going to food fairs!


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