ten free things to do in London: #1 Clapham Common


Everyone knows living in London isn't cheap - even in the outskirts. I've been here little over a week and I am already very aware of the bank crushing costs - but I am still as eager as ever to get out and explore what London has to offer. There are so many different things in London to do - however most of them require a fair few pennies. When planning my days I wanted to gather a bit of information about things around the city that are free - after all at 19 and with an excessive shopping addiction I do not have the money to spend every day.

So firstly in this series is Clapham Common - one of the loveliest parks in the SW area. With the great weather coming up there will be people flocking to Clapham Common - and you should join them. There are many different things you can spend your day doing in the sun; perhaps try a picnic (by picnic I mean Pimms) or perhaps read a book. 

If perhaps you're not fancying the above then perhaps arrange for a group of you to go there and simply hang out - perhaps a disposable barbecue alongside a portable speaker to bring in the summer evenings. But you're not simply limited to lazying around on the common - there is plenty more to do. 

Go along a few yards and you'll be greeted with the band stand - it's not for everyone I know but a few of you may enjoy it. Find a deckchair, buy an ice cream and listen to the music or the sound of people talking. It depends what you enjoy - but its a great place to head to in the summer. The lady at the church in the common said she often enjoys listening to the bands in the summer and just enjoying the common. 

If you fancy being more active then the common boasts vast areas to run about in, set up some football posts or bring a swing around game. With hundreds of square metres to run around in - space isn't an issue. If you're a skater - there's also a skate park you can enjoy - for free! 

If you have the time then simply strolling round the common is well worth doing. Yes there is the argument that "it's just grass" but there's a lot more to it than that. The environment, the atmosphere and everything else is so nice to take in. In summer the place is full of wonderful things, laughter and its incredible. 

So until next time - enjoy! 


  1. Oh, what great tips! I would love to go to London ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Amy, must go and enjoy things to do in London. It is really a wonderfully city.


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