Simple Cooking: Easy Apple Crumble


I'm not really one for blogging recipes or anything - traditionally my blog (the various names it has held) has been predominantly fashion. As the year goes on I am trying to change that to a mixture of my two favourite things - fashion & lifestyle (food, places to go, etc). So to start off with - the simplest apple crumble. 

Do you ever have those times where your partners tells you at the last minute you have guests? Whether it be the in-laws or a spontaneous couples night (cheers buddy) and due to any lack of warning you have nothing planned, nothing to cook and find yourself in a bit of a stress. In a situation like that - stick to two courses. I will update on a quick main meal which is super tasty over the coming weeks but firstly the dessert. 

What you need:

  • Plain Flour (4oz as base figure, can add as required)
  • Butter (2 tbsp)
  • A couple of cooking apples (add more if you have more people)
  • Sugar (brown and white)
  • Oats (optional)

The instructions: 
  1. Firstly - turn the oven on at 180 degrees - duh!
  2. Peel the apples and then cut them into the sizes you want them (I usually opt for a mixture or large and small pieces) and then put them in the pan. Add water (just enough to cover the apples), put a large spoonful of white sugar in with the water and apples and simply boil for about 10-15 minutes. If you have opted for other ingredients to make it a little more exciting then add those in alongside the rest of it. 
  3. For the top - add the flour (measurements may vary, add about 4oz but you can add onto this when needed) and the butter and mix with your fingers to create a breadcrumb texture. Once you've completed that then you need to add in the brown sugar (varies again on how sweet you like it - I usually add about 3 tbsp to my crumble part!) and mix it into the mixture well. 
  4. The optional part is adding oats. I personally do because I enjoy an extra bit of crunch in my crumble. If you want to then just as you did with the sugar mix in 2 tbsp of oats throughly.
  5. Finally pour the apple base into any ceramic, glass or oven proof dish and put the crumble part on top - spread evenly and then pop in the over for 20 mins. 

See what I mean - super simple. The whole thing would usually take me about 45 minutes, probably even less and when time is massively running out this is my go to dish. You can serve it all year round (ice cream goes great with it in the summer) and also make so many variations of it (cinnamon, sultanas, bananas, etc all taste great). Happy baking! 


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