7 Monday morning tips


Its that time again - Monday morning. There's never a good word to say about it, anyone welcoming it or any positivity surrounding it. Monday morning has forever been dubbed the 'croc' of the week. There is no surprise at why Monday has this stigma - it's an unsought end to the weekend. With this in mind I have compiled a list of things you can do to help make the Monday mornings feel more lively than lethargic. 

The time you wake up - make it before 6.30! 
I am guilty of struggle with this - but every time I do it makes a hell of a lot of difference. You're now in the position to do something a little more product. I understand some of you may have more constricting schedules and you're required to wake up a little earlier, if that's the case try waking up a mere 20 minutes prior. 

Try water not coffee! 
As a coffee devotee this was a hard one to change. An average Monday consisted of 2 coffees prior to work and a constant flow during. Just after Christmas I stopped drinking them so religiously and opted to have a bottle of water or sometimes warm water with lemon instead. In doing so my energy was a little more organic and wasn't on a time frame based on when the caffeine would run out. 

A short burst of energy.
Workout. The last thing you're thinking of doing on a cold winters morning? I completely agree. However that short burst of exercise will get your metabolism kickstarted for the day and also leave you with lots more energy. It doesn't require much; a short job, sit-ups, a short spell of Yoga. What you do is entirely up to you - but do something! 

It's not breaking news that music has the power to elevate your mood and perhaps change your outlook on life for the day. Stick to positive vibes for the morning, Spotify offer some great playlist for the mornings. 

Sometimes to get your week in the perfect place for productivity, you need a little inspiration. My personal favourite is Pinterest. Whether it be quotes, images or articles. Find something to inspire you on the drab Mondays! 

Make a plan.
Simple as that - plan your day. 

Tackle the worst thing first.
Whether this is relevant to your professional career, education or family life. Tackle the most dreaded item on your agenda first leaving the rest of the day with lesser tasks, thus hopefully more enjoyable. 

Those are my simple tips which have undoubtedly helped me. I have found myself waking up at just past 6am as my body clock adjusts, without even feeling tired. I used to wake up at 8am every day, crawl out of bed and just be sluggish for the day.  A simple few adjustments have helped me undoubtedly.


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  1. Great post! I agree with tackling the worst thing first - it gets it out of the way! x

  2. These are great tips! I'm definitely going to have to try some of them out ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. I really needed this post :)
    Btw great blog! xx


  4. Hello Dear! I really like your Blog. You have interesting Posts. Would you like to support each other and follow via Bloglovin and/or GFC? That would be so cool and i hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx
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